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watermelon lizandkatecupWhen I was at the store recently, the price of a seedless watermelon was 59 cents per pound and the price of a seeded watermelon was 19 cents a pound…a 40 cent per pound difference!

In my never ceasing effort to make life in the kitchen easier for you (and me)…here is my quick and easy step by step method of turning  a seeded watermelon into a delicious SEEDLESS snack for you and your family. 


watermelon whole

Step 1.  Wash the outside of your melon







watermelon step 1





Step 2.  Cut off both ends






watermelon step 2

Step 3.  Score into the melon by cutting about halfway to the center all the way around.











watermelon step 3

Step 4.  Pound firmly up & down a slice to loosen it, then pull out gently.


watermelon step 4

The slice should break apart at the seed line.


watermelon step 5

Step 5.  Cut the line of seeds out.  (Scrape out the extras)


watermelon step 6

This is what the slice will look like after de-seeding.


watermelon step 7

Step 6.  Cut the watermelon from the rind as you would a cantaloupe.


watermelon step 8

Step 7. Scrape the seeds from the center piece which is left

after you remove all the slices, and then cut into pieces.


watermelon step 10

Step 8.  Put in bowl.


watermelon step 9

Step 9.  Enjoy!!  As a reward for spending your time getting the melon

ready to eat…you get the middle piece of the center of the watermelon!


kate pic~Kate

Enjoy your Coffee Break!

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