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Hi. My name is Liz. And Kate is a reality show junkie.

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’ve heard reality show rumblings from Kate before. In fact, she’s followed a few of these shows in the past – right here on this website. I just didn’t realize how many shows Kate was watching.

And to think I feel guilty for watching American Idol every week. To think that I spent almost sleepless nights wondering what the rest of the world would say, should they discover that, every Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. sharp, I’m glued to the TV, listening to the voices of angels (well, sometimes) fill my living room with music..

All to find out that my dear bff Kate is not only watching American Idol, she’s watching every reality show known to man. And if I’m not mistaken, I think she may have named one that isn’t known to man! Heck, she’s probably plotting her own reality show while the rest of the world sleeps.

So many shows, Kate! So many scripted non-surprises. So much fake drama, Kate. Frankly, I’m worried.

I only watch one, Kate.

Well, I did watch several episodes of Worst Cooks in America. Oh, sure. Occasionally I’ll check out Dinner: Impossible.

Come to think of it, I really enjoy Restaurant: Impossible. I guess we are pretty fond of Cupcake Wars, too. Have you seen Ice Brigade? (How do they do that with frozen WATER?!?!).

Ya know what? Let’s just forget I said anything about Kate having a reality show problem, shall we?



I freely admit that we watch A LOT of reality TV here at our house. It doesn’t seem like such a big deal until you stop and realize that the all those cooking shows and make-over shows are reality TV. I suppose if we wanted to get technical here, talk shows probably also count. Yikes!  ALSO, not to pull out my major math skills here, BUT, 19 shows divided by 7 people = 2.71 shows per person. 6 shows  divided by 2 people = 3 shows per person. Just sayin’.

Oh, puuuleeease, Kate. The real math here is apparently escaping you. You’ve got 19 shows at one hour each (I’m being my conservative self, here) times 7 people equals a horrifying 133 hours. My measly 6 shows, again at one hour each, times 2 people equals a respectable 12 hours. On that note, I renew my call for an intervention on your behalf. As for semantics, we’ll take those up later. T-minus 12 minutes until American Idol and I need my Steve Tyler fix. I could date him, ya know…

Maybe I need to clarify. We don’t ALL watch EVERY one of those 19 shows, just a couple of people here and there per show. But I will agree to call it a truce because I am also in need of a Steven Tyler fix. I could date him too, ya know…Just don’t tell my hubby.

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