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Now if I could only get her to go to the store for me…

Seriously, her menu plans were exactly what I needed.

I discovered on taco night that the Birds Eye Southwestern-style frozen rice is quite tasty, and definitely a perfect have-on-hand side for all that is Mexican.

I used one of my frozen meal nights on the second day, but got back on track for breakfast last night.

So here we are at Friday. While Ms. Thang goes on her date with her husband, I’m gonna have to cook. Again. As in three of four nights slaving over the hot stove versus frozen chicken strips or grilled sandwiches. (Enter the whining…)

But worse than that, I didn’t stop to think about the prep side. In order to pull off dinners, I’ll have to keep going to the grocery and buying things from a list (yeah, yeah, I know, I said if she told me what to get, I’d go to the store and get it.  But that was a desparation deal, made in the growls of a hungry stomach.)

Which brings me to today. I’d pretty much set my heart on the scalloped chicken. But alas, it requires a trip to the store, and a four-hour cook time (minimum). So I can either go to the store now, or have pasta night today. That will still mean a trip to the store, but for some reason, fixing pasta seems less daunting.

But if I go with pasta, there will be no left-over chicken to toss in it, because I didn’t fix the chicken yet.

It occurs to me that I could go to the store and buy for those two meals today and use my second “anything goes” night.

Then I remembered what Kate said about pulling out something she “happened to have on hand.” After perusing the cabinets, I’m wondering if anyone has any recipe ideas for a can of gravy, a packet of biscuit mix, poptarts, long-grain rice and marshmallows…
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