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Coffee Break with Liz and Kate » Headline, » call tracker for windows phone few months ago I found my daughter on the internet scouring websites for tickets to the upcoming Muse concert. She is a huge Muse fan, as are most of her friends. It just so happens that I am also a huge Muse fan. I wanted to say to her, “I want a ticket. I want to go, too,” but not wanting to rain on her I’m-going-to-a-concert-with-my-friends-parade, I kept my silence.

As concert time got closer, it seemed there was a continuous stream of Muse music flowing through speakers throughout the house and car. My daughter and her friends were getting so excited, and I was excited for them, but mostly I just really wanted to go to the concert, too. I kept telling myself, ‘I am the mom. I am too busy. I have so many other things I should be doing on a Monday night. Moms don’t go to Muse concerts, do they?’  And so I let it go.

Then I overheard my daughter on the phone talking to a friend about how someone who had bought a ticket wasn’t going to be able to go to the concert.They were discussing what to do with this extra ticket. In my head I was screaming, ‘Pick me! Pick me! I want to go!’, but I collected myself and oh so nonchalantly said, “Wow… that’s too bad. I suppose if all else fails, I could just buy the ticket from him and come along.”  To which I barely got a head nod in acknowledgment. By the next day, the ticket was re-sold.

So that was it. It seemed that fate had decided indeed, moms don’t go to Muse concerts. I had accepted that fact, and resigned myself to being happy with listening to the newest Muse CD, The Resistance. Fast forward to the day before the concert, and my family and I were at my parents for Sunday dinner, along with my brother and sister-in-law and their kids. Halfway through the meal, my sister-in-law casually asked if anyone in my family liked Muse. It seemed she had gotten two complementary tickets at her work and wouldn’t be able to go because of babysitter issues. “Would anyone in your family be able to use the tickets?” she asked.

What?!?! WHAT?!?! “Would anyone be able to use the Muse tickets?!?!?!”

“Well, I’m sure that between all of us we will be able to find someone to use the tickets,” I calmly replied.  Inside my head I was silently shouting, ‘ME. ME. I am going to use the Muse ticket! It’s for ME!” Fate decided that moms do indeed go to Muse concerts!

And let me tell you it was amazing beyond words. Amazing beyond pictures.

Who is Muse? Take a look.

Of course I took some pics of the concert. Hope you enjoy.

Here’s a YouTube video compilation of some concert highlights from the 4/5/2010 performance at the E Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Hope you enjoyed this adventure. Now go out and have you own adventure!

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