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Kate, I’m falling apart. My counter top ice maker is not making those cute little ice pellets. You know how we count on these ice-makers. They are perhaps the best technological advance in the history of the world!!! And I’m in four-alarm panic! No ice for the Diet Coke! No ice for the summer margaritas. No ice for the shrimp cocktails… NO ICE!! We’re at Defcon 4.5, here, Kate.

Calm down, Liz, you’re getting a little overly dramatic here. I’m sure that by the time you’re ready for summer margaritas, your ice maker will once again be churning out those precious pellets of deliciousness. Shrimp cocktails? You eat shrimp cocktails?  Even after “The Incident”? You know, that time when I went on vacation with your family when we were kids and you and I oh so innocently ordered fish for dinner, which was then served to us WITH THE FISH HEADS STILL ON THE FISH!?!  And your dad thought it was SOOOO  funny. Really, you can still eat seafood?  Wait a minute, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, ice. I confess that I am completely addicted to my counter top ice maker, as well. It’s my most prized possession. If I could, I’d marry it.

And you dare to say I’m over-reacting… Please… Let’s put this in perspective, here, Kate. I’ve been out of ice for almost 24 hours, now. Here’s how bad it is. I actually broke down and bought a set of ice trays. Are you starting to see how serious a matter this really is?!? I’d also like to point out another fact: You have ice. Go ahead, Check your counter top ice maker – the one that happens to be the twin to mine. Now envision it full of water, full of sounds, devoid of ice. But here’s the thing. I don’t know what has caused this catastrophe. I’ve cleaned the fan and cleaned the back. I’ve turned it off, then turned it back on. I’ve read the instruction manual, which keeps prodding me to call a qualified technician. Which brings me full circle to our fish with heads. What an experience that was. Of course Dad found it funny. Nothing like shocking the system of a couple of “tween-age” girls, huh? Anywho, Dad is as close as it gets to qualified professional, as far as I’m concerned. So maybe I’ll put a call in to him. How much different can it be from performing surgery? Plus, the ice machine won’t need general anesthesia! He did fix a coffee maker for me once. And to this day, the coffee pot works like a charm… Wait a minute. That was the coffee pot prior to the present one. The one he “fixed” suddenly lost its capacity to “pour a cup”, and I was no longer able to program it to brew coffee while I slept. Why do I suddenly feel this whole ice-making saga may end badly?!?!

I am going to try to break it to you as gently as possible, Liz, but I am on ice maker number 2. The first one froze it’s last ice pellet about a year after I got it (which is about how long you’ve had yours, n’est ce pas?). I tried all of the same tricks you’ve tried, but still couldn’t get it to work. I, too, resorted to a complete act of desperation and bought ice trays. Let me tell you, no one should have to live like that, all the re-filling of trays, the sloshing out of half the water on the kitchen floor, the bending and twisting of trays to get that last stubborn piece of ice, and the horror of discovering one of the kids has left the trays empty. My husband could see that I was not handling my ice maker withdrawals well, and brought home ice maker #2, which we’ve had for about a year and a half. It started having fits a few months back, but cleaning out the fan did the trick. I think these things are supposed to last longer than this. My parents are responsible ice maker owners and theirs will probably last for at least another decade or two. They only run it about every other day and save up the extra ice and put it in bags in their freezer. I don’t know about you, but I run mine 24/7/365 to feed my ice habit. I’ve got my fingers crossed for your ice maker. All I can say is thank goodness your dad makes house calls.

In retrospect, I guess there’s a lot to be said for responsible ice-maker ownership. But, alas, hindsight, as they say, is 20/20. Not to mention the fact that I have nowhere to store up a bunch of ice. Nor do I want to dig it out of the freezer and go through that hassle, which is not that far removed from the drudgery of twisting those stupid plastic trays… Now for the upshot: over the last 12-18 hours, there’s been a little action out of the ice maker. Not enough to supply my daily ice needs, mind you. but enough to put off that request for service – if only momentarily. No matter that the ice cubes look more like space alien heads…  Maybe my ice maker just had a little cold? Maybe it’s allergic to extremely cold temperatures and fears its own ice would be susceptible to frost bite? Or maybe it’s just teasing me, throwing out one final “I made ice” hoorah. Although I’ve spent the last couple of  days bordering on despondency, at least I feel like I have some answers now. Even if that answer means purchasing a new counter top ice maker… and falling in love with it all over again :-)

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