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So Liz, without googling, can you tell me what two teams are playing in the Super Bowl this year, or perhaps maybe when the big game is?

Dear, sweet, innocent Kate… You know my favorite sport is HOCKEY!! But yes, I do know who’s playing in the big bowl game thank you very much. Well, I know one team – the Steelers, right? (That is right, isn’t it? Tell me I’m right about at least one team…) That’s neither here nor there, though. The big question is this: What songs will the Black-Eyed Peas be including in their half-time show. I mean, c’mon! That’s what everyone really wants to know. Will they lead with “Time of My Life”? Or will they end with  that song? Let’s face it – that’s the most pressing question where this weekend is concerned, n’est pas?

Look at you, whipping out that French. Ms. Wyles would be proud. I should have figured you’d know more about the halftime entertainment than the actual game itself. I’ll admit, I AM impressed with the fact that you know that the game is this weekend, and that you know half of the teams. (FYI, the other team is Green Bay.) I think the more pressing question about the halftime entertainment is whether or not Fergie will pull a “Janet Jackson” on us. It’s been all male groups since that dreadful day. Were you watching? We were. It lead to a a rather awkward discussion with my then 4 year old son.

I realize this is pretty pathetic, but I really don’t remember if I watched, or just can’t get it out of my head because the media showed the um, faux pas, over and over and over. Who could not know, or not think they were actually watching after all the hype. Before I digress, though :-) I would like to think that Fergie will not pull a Janet Jackson. Because my now-9-year-old will likely be watching with me. Frankly it’s a conversation I don’t want to have. Surely, Fergie is beyond such attention-getter tactics. But then again… So, how did you explain the baring broohaha to a 4-year-old? Perhaps more important, how will you explain it to him if it happens on Sunday?

Well, it’s all kind of a blur. It’s called selective memory, a survival technique I highly recommend. I seem to recall tip-toeing around the topic without actually using, you know, words which could be shocking to a 4 year old boy. It didn’t matter how careful and gentle I was, though, my explanation couldn’t be heard over the shouts from my 20ish year old daughters that were something along the lines of, “OMG…is she wearing a nipple ring?!” Yep, fun times. This year I’ll think I’ll just send him out to doorbell ditch some elderly neighbors during half time. JUST KIDDING! I’ll tell him to stick to neighbors under 60 this time. Anyway, since we’ve never watched a Super Bowl together, I was just wondering, do you use the big game as an excuse to…um, pig out?

Before we talk about pigging out, I think you need to explain yourself re: doorbell ditching. Unbelievable, Kate. Unbelievable. Anywho, I usually plan lots of cool appetizers, plenty of ice cold beer, etc, etc, etc. But I usually end up opening a can of pickles or something equally as unfulfilling. OK, that may not be the truth. Usually, I end up fixing way too much queso. And as you know, just getting that fixed is its own reward where I’m concerned. While I realize tonight isn’t Super Bowl night, I am trying out a game-day recipe from Giada – Adobo Chicken, Scallion and Mozzarella Cornbread and Blue Cheese and Walnut Grapes. (Really, I’m just doing the chicken. God forbid I hit overload…) so I’ll let you know how that goes. What are you fixing? And if you don’t mind, will you call me when it’s half-time Sunday, just in case I forget??

What?! You’re cooking something other than a frozen dinner? Hold on a second, I have to pick myself up off the floor :) Hmmm…doorbell ditching. Well, there’s a group of boys around here that think it’s funny to doorbell ditch the neighbors. Fortunately, as far as I know, my son is not one of them. He values his life too much. As far as Super Bowl food goes, we basically just use the game to stuff ourselves for 4 hours. We’ll be watching the game at my parents with my brothers and their families, and we’re all adding to the junk food feast. I’ll be bringing Chicken Nachos Grande , Cowboy Salsa and chips,  and 4 kinds of gourmet cupcakes. We’re on a cupcake kick here lately thanks to Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. Here’s the recipe for one of them, Churro Cupcakes. You’ll have to wait for the rest. Don’t want to overload you , or anything.

Adobo update: It was pretty good, but now I’ll have to come up with something else for Sunday :-) Heaven forbid we have the same thing for dinner twice in one week. As far as cooking goes, I’d prefer you did all the cooking and shipped it to me. Maybe you could start with a batch of the Churro Cupcakes? Until then, time to get ready for the big game! Let’s meet back up Monday to have our own game day replay!

Not gonna happen, Liz. I can barely keep my own family fed. I come up with ideas, I give you recipes, and now you want me to cook it and ship it to you too?  Maybe you’d like me to hire someone to serve it to you and clean up the dishes afterwards, as well? Geez.  Btw, I think I’m going to make some sliders for the game feast (you know, those little bitty cute hamburgers). I saw some of those tiny buns in the store the other day. Doesn’t that sound yummy? Ok, well have a great game day. I’ll text you at halftime, just cause I’m nice like that.

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