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write poetry onlineIf you’re house is anything like mine, back to school means a new pair of shoes. It’s tradition, I guess. Fresh start to the school year, fresh shoes to walk into the new classroom. Something like that, anyway. Suffice to say, someone in our house got a new pair of shoes, yesterday. Hint: It wasn’t me.

Now, while I know there’s nothing out of the ordinary about new shoes, I do find my child’s reaction something of an anomaly. I guess the story goes back to Christmas, when Santa brought Colton a pair of shoes. (That Santa is just full of exciting surprises, isn’t he?!?) Anywho. Colton fell in love with them. Why? That’s anyone’s guess. Let’s just say when we set out to get shoes, his quest was simple: to find the exact same shoe, preferably in a larger size. But in his way of thinking, he’d have bought a smaller pair, scrunched his foot into it, suffered through a poor fit and liked it for no other reason than to have that pair of shoes again.

He liked these shoes so much that even after he’d worn them out to the point of big toes sticking out, he insisted on wearing them if he was playing at home. When I finally banned the shoes from wear, he refused to throw them away. So I figured we’d better find that shoe again. I figured the best bet would be to return to the shoe store from which they came. (How do I know where they came from, you ask? I called Santa! Come on!)

After making a mad dash to the kids’ shoes, we scoured the shelves. Then it happened. The gods of shoes shined down on us not once but twice. We’d not only found his shoes, we’d even found the size he needed. (I love it when a good plan comes together.) Little did I know my child’s plan went further than simply finding the shoes.

Once we got home, he located the old shoes, put them beside his new shoes and compared every detail.

“Look at this. The new shoes aren’t as tall as the old shoes.”

“What are you talking about? Of course they are.”

“No they aren’t Mom. See how the top of this one isn’t as tall as the other one?”

“No. Not really.”

“Get a ruler. I’ll show you.”

May I just say that my child is a stickler for detail – there was a whopping 1/8-inch difference in height between the old and new shoes. Who could’ve predicted that such a height differential would be an earth-shattering event?

“We can take them back,” I offered. “I say, if the shoe fits, wear it!”

“I really do love them, Mom. But it sure would be nice if these were as tall as the old ones.”

Rest assured that the next time we buy a pair of shoes, I will be hiding the ruler. I’m just sayin’.


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