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Coming up this weekend (March 24 & 25) is one of my very, VERY favorite things ever…the annual Festival of Colors at the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, UT. It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. I have a new lens for my Nikon D3000 that I can’t wait to try out, so get ready for next week’s Picture Me a Monday ’cause it’s gonna be a rockin’ slide show from this year’s festival.

Here’s my story from last years Festival of Colors!


I have survived yet another splendid celebration of the arrival of spring at the Festival of Colors, just down the road at the Hare Krishna Temple, right here in good ol’ Spanish Fork, Utah. What started out 15 years ago as a small gathering consisting of a couple of Krishna devotees, a handful of Indians, and sprinkling of BYU college students, has now turned into the largest celebration of the Hindu Holi (Festival of Colors) in the United States. Attendance this year was expected to reach 30,000.

The festival even hit the big time with major media coverage this year  from the big guys at  Reuters (Jim Urquhart) and msnbc.

On this cold, snowy March day, young and old alike, and every age in between, gathered to welcome spring and to spread peace, love and happiness to the world.

The day started out cold and snowy as the first festival goers arrived at the Krishna Temple at about 9:30 A.M.

By 10:30 the grounds surrounding the Krishna Temple were filled with a bright, shiny, and clean crowd, ready to celebrate.

At 11:00 A.M. sharp, after some live Krishna rock music, a group reciting of the Hare Krishna mantra (the largest ever in the U.S.), and a quick countdown from ten, the colors were thrown.

...and the world became colorful!

In India, Holi announces the arrival of spring and the passing of winter. The festival breathes an atmosphere of social merriment. People bury their hatchets with a warm embrace and throw their worries to the wind. Every nook and corner presents a colorful sight. Young and old alike are covered with colors.~Sri Sri Radha Krsna Temple

The festivities continued with the Krishna version of a Woodstock-esque concert, complete with crowd surfing and much merriment.

Before long, the hill full of snow quickly turned into a muddy slide and a few just couldn't resist the lure of the slippery mud.

Really, if you're already covered in a rainbow of colors, what's the harm in adding a little mud, right?

I can guarantee many a Facebook profile photo was changed to became much more colorful by the end of the day.

There were even some celebrities joining in the hoopla.

“The color, noise and entertainment that accompanies the celebration of Holi bears witness to a feeling of oneness and sense of brotherhood. The festival brings home the lesson of spiritual and social harmony!!” ~ Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple

Here’s a progression of shots, taking you all the way from just before the throwing of the colors, through the throwing, the quick build up of pink haze, and finally, the colorful afterglow, all within a time span of 5 seconds.

Five second time progression at Colors Festival

Take a quick scroll

My family joined me for the celebration this year (well, all except for my husband who had to work and doesn’t exactly enjoy sucking in colored powder, anyway).











A great day was had by all. After several showers, I think we’re all clean and good as new and counting down the days until next year’s celebration.

This is for Julie…it’s not very fancy, but it has worked fine for me. I just have a clear filter on the lens (which is a MUST). You can get one at any camera store. I cover my bag in plastic because as you know, that powder gets everywhere. And then I put my camera inside plastic by cutting a hole in the end just big enough to fit over the lens snugly, and I leave the back end open to put my hands through and to see in the eye piece. If you have a raincover, that should work. Hold your camera close to your body to protect it when you’re not shooting. I usually wear an open jacket or open button up shirt and kind of hide the camera underneath to keep some of the powder off. Also, the best place to shoot to be able to get the whole effect of the throwing of colors is on the deck, off to the right or left side. Even with all these precautions, your camera will still get powder on it. A careful cleaning afterwards should do the trick. Hope you get some great pics and have tons of fun at the festival this year.



Enjoy your Coffee Break!

Why is it that you people get to have all the fun?!?! It really does look like a great day, Kate. My question is this: Will you still be digging the colors of the rainbow out of your ears at Christmastime?


We’re just lucky, I guess. No purple powder in my ear this year, thank goodness. After two days of blowing my nose, that is also now clear. The clothes even came mostly clean, well, except for my 10 year old son’s pink shoe laces.

Other Festival of Colors stories here, here and here.

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