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Once in awhile,
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale.
~ Anonymous ~

My daughter got married this past Saturday. It was a wonderful, beautiful, amazing, emotional, exhausting day…and I wouldn’t trade one precious minute of it.

She is the first of my seven children to get married (5 of the 7 are girls, yikes!!) and I’ve learned a thing or two over the past few months about what I will (or won’t) do the next time one of my kids decides to say “I do.”

Here’s a big ‘Will Do Again’ that was a huge success at the reception…

We rented a Photo Booth!

That’s right, an honest to goodness photo booth, you know, the kind where you step inside, take a seat on the bench, pick out a few fun props, look at your silly self on the monitor, touch the screen when you’re ready to activate the camera, pose away, and then wait outside the booth for your photo strip to pop out.

Who even knew such a cool thing was possible?!

It was a perfect way to get fun shots of the guests at the reception without having  the wedding photographer snapping boring shots of them mingling, or even worse, eating. You’ve seen those dreaded photos, and probably been in more than a few of them yourselves, and trust me, they are rarely flattering.

The guests even got to take home a wedding party favor that they actually liked, a fun photo booth strip of pictures of themselves having fun at the wedding reception.

The photos came out two sets per sheet, so the guests taped one strip into the bride and groom’s guestbook/scrapbook which they then signed with a personalized message next to their photos. What a great way for the bride and groom to remember their guests and reminisce about their wedding day.

I’m guessing photo booth rentals for special occasions are becoming quite a trend these days (at least out here in Utah, anyway) because when we went to the Bridal Fair in April, there were FOUR photo booth companies there promoting their services.

If you’re looking to rent a photo booth for your reception (or party) just head on over to Google, type in Photo Booth Rentals, and let the fun begin!





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