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lizandkatecupHi all! Liz here.
It was less than 24 hours ago that Kate and I were discussing the fact that I was basking in the heat of 70 degrees while she dug her way out of seven inches of global warming, er, snow. The heat, if you can call it that, had been building for a couple of days, almost as if to prepare us for the idea of going outside without a jacket or earmuffs. Heaven forbid we jump right into 90 degrees, some humidity and a sandy beach. (Give a girl her dreams, ok?)
Anywho, as Kate’s green-with-envy attitude came through our conversations, I reminded her that our warm temperatures would be short-lived. That in less than 24 hours, we’d be back to the same old and very tired routine of coats, gloves and chattering teeth.
While I held on to the dream that the weatherpeople had been wrong (like that ever happens…), I instinctively knew that he or she would call this one right. Sometimes I wonder if they do it on purpose to rain on my parade – literally. Sometimes I wonder if they drive by the house, see me doing a little bit of spring cleaning in shorts and a T-shirt, and start making the calls:
“Seems like Liz is having a little too much fun for the second full week of March. She’s productive, smiling, and one of us thinks we even heard her doing a couple of bird-calls. Looks like it’s time to bring it down a notch. Let’s call for highs in the low 40s for the rest of the week.”
With that, weatherpeople around the country set in motion the anti-Liz, lower-the-temperature conspiracy. And as I write, our temperatures continue to fall.
But that’s okay. Because Kate and I have learned to roll with the punches. We’ve also learned that things aren’t always as they appear to be. That sometimes, just a tweak in perspective can turn a bad day into a good one. Sometimes a simple smile can mean the difference between tears and laughter. Sometimes smiles mean good tears, too.
While we may tend to grow a bit cynical with age, and perhaps more confined by the rules and dictates of what society deems appropriate, it’s okay when the kids fall asleep while they’re doing their homework or reading a book. It’s okay when all we can manage for dinner is to microwave frozen chicken nuggets. It’s okay when a bad day is the best we can manage.
See, I know something the weathpeople might have missed: those noises weren’t me – they were really birds! Chirping at the tops of their little lungs as if to say, “See? Spring really IS coming! Don’t give up now!”
So that will be our mantra. To feel spring – whether it’s in the air or in our step! And to have fun doing it – even when the world may seem a bit off base.
With that, we invite you to help us make this come alive! Comment or complain, share a problem, a recipe, a dilemma or a story. Just remember, when you’re here, you’re on a coffee break – with Liz and Kate!

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