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miley-cyrus-hannah-montana-movie-posterCast: Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Vanessa Williams

Also music from Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift

Tween flick/musical:  This movie is exactly what you expect it to be.  Set to appeal to the tv series fans, it’s a extended, somewhat better version of a weekly episode.  With better acting here by Miley Cyrus, I might add.  The story starts when Miley Steward/ Hannah Montana gets a little too big for her britches and her on screen/real life dad takes her back to her hometown in Tennessee to get back to her roots.  The story wouldn’t be complete without a teenage love story and not one, but two, villains set to destroy the home town and ruin Miley’s life.

Entertainment Weekly – B-  (Apparently Ebert couldn’t be bothered to review this one)

Reelviews – 2 stars

Kate – 2 1/2 stars   I didn’t hate this movie, in fact I’ll be brave here and tell you it was a FUN movie.  The kids I took, ages 8 – 20 all loved it and have seen it a second time already.

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