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After all these years of motherhood (we won’t go into exactly how many, but let’s just say it’s quite a few) I am about to take on a new title, ‘Mother-of-the-Bride.’  Pretty exciting. Pretty daunting. So this evening, four of my daughters and I are hosting a ‘Garden Tea Party’ bridal shower for the lucky bride-to-be.

We’ve come up with a really fun game to play at the shower that’s a little different than the usual standard bridal shower party game.

Guess the Celebrity Bride Game


  • Bridal Magazines
  • Magazines with celebrity pictures (like People, US, Entertainment Weekly)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper and pencils for the bridal shower guests


For me, making this game was ridiculous amounts of fun. When you take a look at the “Celebrity Brides” we came up with, I think you’ll see why.

1. Look through the celebrity magazines and find a variety of celebrity heads of all sizes, male and female, looking in all different directions. Just quickly cut out the heads and lay them out on your work surface where you can see them.

2. Flip through the bridal magazines and find pictures of brides with head sizes similar to the head sizes of the celebrity heads you’ve already cut out. Through trial and error, lay the celebrity heads over the bride heads until you find one that strikes your fancy.

3. Carefully cut out the FACE ONLY of the celebrity. Cut off the hair so only the actual face is left. Glue the face on top of the bride’s face.

4. Cut out the new celebrity bride and glue onto some pretty scrapbook paper. You can put several per page like we did, or put each on a separate page if you’d prefer. Number the brides.

5. Now all that’s left is to have the guests test their celebrity bride knowledge. The guest with the most correct answers is the winner and gets a prize.

So just for fun, here are the ‘Celebrity Brides’ we’ll be using for our shower tomorrow. See how many you get right. **Spoiler Alert** If you are attending this shower tonight, please step away from this post. (Answers are at the bottom.)

Guess the Celebrity Bride

Answers: 1. Jennifer Aniston, 2. Alec Baldwin, 3. Jennifer Lopez, 4. Jimmy Fallon, 5. Kelly Osborn, 6. Britney Spears, 7. Colin Farrell, 8. Sarah Palin, 9. Hilary Swank, 10. George Clooney, 11. Carrie Underwood, 12. Barack Obama, 13. Kristen Stewart, 14. Christian Bale, 15. Brad Pitt, 16. Owen Wilson, 17. Robert De Niro, 18. Sharon Osborne, 19. Gwyneth Paltrow, 20. Angelina Jolie, 21. Tina Fey, 22. Nicole Kidman, 23. Amy Peohler, 24. Christina Aguilera, 25. Lindsay Lohan, 26. Paula Abdul, 27. Johnny Depp, 28. Shia LeBeouf, 29. Beyonce, 30. Elton John, 31. Vin Diesel, 32. James Franco, 33. Kim Kardashian, 34. Jane Lynch, 35. Zach Galifianakis, 36. Zac Efron, 37. Ben Stiller, 38. Conan O’Brien, 39. Neil Patrick Harris, 40. Arnold Schwarzenegger)

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