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Just for fun on this Friday I bring you strange sites from Google Earth! It seems there are some pretty amazing and unusual things out there on this big, beautiful planet of ours.

This morning I found myself browsing through some YouTube videos looking for a clip to run with a story for next week. Thirty minutes, and about 20 YouTube video clicks later, somehow I found myself watching this completely random and unrelated video about Secret Places of the Earth.

Come on, don’t even try to pretend you haven’t found yourself in a similar situation before. You go to YouTube looking for a funny clip of a baby laughing it’s head off over something stupid, and an hour later you find yourself still staring at your computer screen looking at clips of Darth Maul fighting a Chipmunk. True story. Don’t judge me.

So it seems that by using Google Earth, some pretty wacky things have been sited on this planet. I watched the video clip below and thought it must all be some sort of ridiculous trick concocted by someone who spent inordinate amounts of time trying to fool innocent YouTube bystanders like myself.

So I did what any natural born skeptic would do: I went straight to Google, typed in Secret Places on Google Earth and found a website that listed some of the coordinates of sites on this video clip. Then I went to Google Earth, which you have to download to use. (Want to download Google Earth? Click here.) Then I rolled that big globe around on my screen and zoomed in, and sure enough, this Indian head was there, plain as day. No Joke. You can try it yourself at Google Earth. Here are the coordinates:  50° 0’38.19″N 110° 6’48.31″W.

And here it is…

How crazy is this? So take a look at the YouTube video and see for yourself.


Enjoy your day!

I’m now off to the store to get some heavy duty gallon sized baggies so I can wrap up my camera all safe and sound for my yearly adventure to the Holi Festival of Colors tomorrow.

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