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Coffee Break with Liz and Kate » Headline, Let's Celebrate » Get your party on: 9/12-9/18

Get your party on: 9/12-9/18

palooza1You’d think I’d have some grand celebratory idea for Sept. 13 since it is International Chocolate Day, but frankly I’m a little sick of all these chocolate-themed holidays.

Yes, I realize there’s really not much else to celebrate this week, but I don’t care. You wanna celebrate International Chocolate Day? Be my guest. I’ll be doing my nails.

Sept. 15 is Felt Hat Day. When I think felt hats, I think roaring ’20s. Perhaps we could all make a nice felt hat to sport today? Here are a couple of old ads to get you in the mood.

We round out this week, with what I suspect could amount to a  three-day drunken stupor for some, with Beer Days, celebrated Sept. 16-18.

If you should decide to imbibe, I’m sure it goes without saying: don’t drink and drive.But do wear your felt hat :-)

Looking ahead, next week promises at least one fantastic holiday – you won’t want to miss it! So until next week, get your party on!

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