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palooza1Let’s just throw off the last two days in August and ring in Sept. 1 with Emma M. Nutt Day. Ms. Nutt was the first telephone operator in America. Working for a whopping $3 a day, she gave new meaning to the phrase, “what city, please?” She held the job for 33 years. As a tribute to Ms. Nutt, let’s reminisce with a little Lily Tomlin humor:

This date is also Calendar Adjustment Day, followed by National Beheading Day on Sept. 2. Needless to say, I will not be adjusting my calendar for this one. I can find no logical reasons for either of these holidays (and I’m using the term loosely).

Be Late for Something Day is Sept. 5. I’m prone to switch it up a little and be on time for something, since being late is pretty much my calling card – especially when I’m procrastinating about something. Do what you want, though.

Speaking of being late, we’re gonna wrap things up for  now. So until next week, get your party on!
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