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palooza1Here’s a shocker for ya as we begin another week of sometimes lame, sometimes idiotic, but always eye-rolling holidays: August 24 is National Waffle Day. More food.

I must admit kind of liking this one, though. We don’t get much breakfast food on the list of bizarre holidays.

I also like it because I have a waffle iron. Really! I’ve even been known to use it, before! These days, though, I’m a toaster waffle girl, primarily because the waffle iron is not fun to clean. Maybe one time a year, I’ll suffer through and make this date the annual homemade waffle day at my house.

Use any leftovers for a quick game of Frisbee. Talk about your two-for-one deals…

August 25 is Kiss and Make Up Day – a day you may need to honor if you end up knocking someone in the head with a frozen waffle, or worse yet, one that is covered in syrup…

August 28 is packed with not one, but two holidays for computer users. So this one should pretty much accommodate most of the free world.

Let’s start with Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day. Honestly? I’ve been known to incorporate this boredom buster on a variety of occasions. Might I suggest taking this one even one step further and changing the look of your cursor to a picture of a mouse (or any other character for that matter). There are a variety of websites that provide free cursor icons. After all, this day only comes by once a year. So what the heck?

We also celebrate Crackers on the Keyboard Day on August 28. I’m betting if you look this one up, you’ll find a picture of me as the holiday’s poster child. When I’m working at the computer, I rarely break for food or drinks at a dining table or something crazy like that. I eat at my desk.

But I don’t limit the keyboard to crackers. Oh, no. There’s popcorn, the occasional M&M, pretzel sticks –you name it.

I think it’s people like me that challenged some inventor to come up with the canned air idea. You can pick it up at just about any office supply store. There’s also the free solution of turning your keyboard upside down and pounding on the back (may wanna make sure nothing starts rattling in there). I’ve used that little trick, too.

I swear by the canned air, though. It’s a quick and effective way to blast the food particles out of the keyboard. As an extra perk, it usually comes in two-packs or four-packs. Trust me. I should know.

Until next week, get your party on!

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