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Well, I’m pretty bored with most of this week’s holidays. Not that there aren’t any – just that they’re pretty standard fare. I like the weird and wacky ones. Luckily for us all, we’ve got a few of those, too. I will deem these most important for celebratory purposes. If you want to commemorate any of the others that land this week, you’re on your own.

That being said, let’s jump right in with our first big day, which falls on Aug. 5, bringing us National Underwear Day. You say you don’t have appropriate underwear to celebrate in? Fear no more. Fresh Pair has decided to turn the holiday into an “online underwear extravaganza,” and will be partying by giving away 5,000 pairs of free underwear. Just enter your name and all the usual information and pick your favorite undie type from one of 10 different styles. As this website notes,

80 percent of Americans wear the same type of underwear their entire adult lives and we think it’s time you try something new!

August 5 is also International Beer Day – a “celebration of all things beer.” The guidelines are really self-explanatory, but certainly worth noting here:

  • Find a celebration
  • Drink beer (clearly the most important part of this celebration)
  • Gather with friends
  • Give beer
  • Thank a brewer or bartender

If that’s not enough, you could always consider donating to the cause to spread the word about IBD, lest the guys in this video teach all the cats of the world to be pick-pockets…

As if these holiday prospects aren’t intriguing enough, we celebrate Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day on Aug. 7. It’s also National Mustard Day. The mischievious workings of my mind see these two holidays working in tandem with eachother. I’ll let you decide just how that works…

Until next week, get your party on!


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