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palooza1Let’s get serious for just a minute. How many times have you read “Palooza” and thought, “this is about food, plain and simple. All these people ever do is eat – or look for an excuse to eat.”

Think about it! I don’t think even one week goes by without some mention of food. Most of it chocolate-y. I will likely quit writing when chocolate covered ants are given their own day. I’m just sayin’…

Meanwhile, we have more chocolate to consume. I gotta give some serious props to this one though, as August 10 isn’t just about chocolate. Oh, no. It’s about marshmallows. And graham crackers. And chocolate.

Yep, August 10 is  S’mores Day.

Some of you may feel that S’mores can only be properly made over a campfire, therefore depriving yourselves of one of the classic treats of all time. I’m here to show you a much easier way to enjoy a S’more any time the urge hits.

Just toss a few graham crackers onto a cookie sheet, top with a marshmallow or three (per cracker of course) throw under the broiler. (And you people thought I didn’t cook…) Once the marshmallow reaches the desired brownness, add a chocolate bar and top it off with another cracker. Voila! And if that’s not easy enough, might I suggest you try this recipe that Kate shared not too long ago.

One time, out of sheer desparation, we used M&Ms (no chocolate bars in the house). Ergo a much messier version that we fondly refer to a S’M&Mmores. Isn’t that fun to say?

You may want to wash all the melted marshmallow off your fingers before we get to August 12. That’s the date set aside for Vinyl Record Day.

Boy do I remember having my fair share of vinyl records back in the day – 33s, 45s and 78s. mon12001

Assuming you can still locate a record player, this would be the perfect day to dust off some of those vinyl record jackets and take a little trip down memory lane. Might I suggest Earth, Wind and Fire, The Archies, The Monkeys, and maybe a little Burt Bacharach. We’re talking truly old school f-u-n.

Kool-Aid Day lands on August 14 (and is often celebrated through the 16th). I’m not even gonna go here, though, as it is my humble opinion that way too many have been drinking way too much of the stuff for way too long. So I think I’ll rebel, and rename this one Anti-Kool-Aid Day and drink a nice glass of cold tea. Might I suggest you follow suit.

Until next week, get your party on!

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