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palooza1Ever wonder how the dictionary defines the term “geek”?  Looking at the first definition according to Merriam-Webster,  a geek is “a carnival performer often billed as a wild man whose act usually includes biting the head off a live chicken or snake”. If that’s true, I’ve been misusing the term for years.

Moving through the other definitions, the word is also defined as an intelligent-type/not-well liked (enter black square-framed glasses taped in the middle.) Last in the definitions, there’s the expert or enthusiast in a specific field (computer geek, for example).

I mention this because July 13  is Embrace Your Geekness Day. While biting off the heads of live chickens and snakes is hardly up my alley, I propose we celebrate today by buying a pair of black-framed, thick plastic glasses. Wear them all day, everywhere you go, while proclaiming, “I embrace my geekness!” in a loud voice. This will not work without the duct or masking tape across the bridge – especially since that style of frame seems to be vogue again.

To further the celebration, pick something electronic (in my case, I’ll choose something that is already broken). Take it apart, put it back together and you’ll be geeky good to go. Just remember not to confuse this day with Dork Day or Nerd Day. That would be an entirely different celebration… sort of…

Gummi Worm Day is July 15 – which also happens to be my youngest son’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Red!

Back to the worms. I’ve got to go with chocolate pudding and crunched up Oreos with multi-colored gummie bears sticking out of the dirt. Not real original, but time-tested (and tasted). It’s also a great day to experiment with the super-sour gummi worms if you haven’t already tried those. The perfect between-meals snack – at least for today.

It seems as if we’re on another food holidays roll, here. July 16 is Hot Dog Night. It’s a holiday so well-loved in one Minnesota city that they’ll be serving up 10,000 free hot dogs. That’s just the beginning, though. The festivities also include the 6th Annual Wiener Dog Race, followed by the wiener dog beauty contest. Hard to believe it’s legal to have that much fun on one day, isn’t it?

Well, here’s the real caveat, and I’m sure you knew it was coming… Apparently, has declared war on the weiners. Take a look at this billboard that graced the roadsides in St. Louis last year:

Oddly enough, July 17 is National Hot Dog Day, according to some holiday pundits. All I can say is eat ‘em if you got ‘em… Next year, both of these holidays,  not to mention the puzzling question of why there are eight buns in a package versus 10 dogs per package could be a mute point.

Until next week,  get your party on!

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