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Welcome to another week of wacky and weird holidays (where as you know, some are much more weird than wacky).Let’s get things going with June 6 – a date that I’m sure Kate already observes. It’s Drive-In Movie Day. While the drive-in movie joints still exist, they’re few and far between these days, which is really too bad. While I haven’t been to a drive-in in years, I still remember the ambiance of sitting in your car to watch a new release on the giant screen, occasionally getting out to go to the concession stand, which I always wanted to park close to. Movies without popcorn should be illegal. Anywho, I don’t know what the chances are that there’s a drive-in movie threatre near you. Just sayin’ that if there is, you know where you need to be, today.

Moving along to June 8, get ready for Upsy Daisy Day. (How stupid is this?) defines the term this way:

upsy-daisy definition

upsy-daisy (upsə dā′zē, upsē-)


up you go: used playfully or for reassurance, as in lifting a small child
I suppose we’re supposed to spend our day lifting small children and saying, “upsy-daisy” all day. Maybe we can substitute small animals, for all you pet owners out there.  Or perhaps we can use the term as we empty the dishwasher: “Upsy-daisy, dishes, back into the cabinet you go.” Okey, dokey. Let’s continue.
The action really slows down the rest of the week, as far as finding some holidays I can really sink my teeth into. And things don’t look to pick back up until the last week or so of June. But I work with what I have. Sigh.
I guess I’d be remiss without mentioning Iced Tea Day on June 10. I do love iced tea. Unsweetened, with lemon or lime. Many prefer sweet tea, I’m sure. Do your thing, by all means. But did you know that a glass of sweet tea can pack upwards of 230 calories?
As long as we’re in the kitchen, Corn on the Cob Day is June 11. I sort of have a love/hate relationship with corn (speaking of, have you ever had fried corn? Oh-my-goodness good…). Why I’m a hater? Corn is very starchy, just like rice or potatoes, and is a big fat no-no for anyone limiting the bad carbs. Why I’m a lover? I suspect no explanation is needed, here, so I’ll just say it – white corn on the cob, butter, salt, pepper, repeat. Who’s hungry?

We’ll wrap things up with Crowded Nest Awareness Day, which falls on June 12. This day makes me think of the times when there are about 17 neighborhood kids traipsing through the house, making far too much noise and driving me one step closer to insanity as I scream, “You’re crowding my nest! Out!”

I suppose one could also observe this day if the size of your family has surpassed the size of your house. If so, I could hook you up with a realtor.

Just remember that a crowded nest now will one day be followed by an empty nest. So let’s enjoy the overcrowding while we can!

Until next week, get your party on!

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