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Welcome to anther week of party central! As you probably know, today is Father’s Day. If you have a father and didn’t know today is his day, you may want to make a tie purchase in short order. Or you could take Dad out for a cold refreshing treat, thus killing two birds with one stone as it’s also Ice Cream Soda Day.

The classic drug store refreshment counter.

I have fond memories of Dad and I going to the Rexall drug store. Back then, (when the store was in existence) it had a full soda fountain/counter/ cooking grill inside. What a treat to go with Dad, sit on those red stools and order a root beer float!

Finally Summer Day follows on June 21. Honestly, it has felt like summer for several weeks, now. Come to think of it, I don’t seem to recall us having a spring. We just jumped straight into summer, 95-degree heat and 105-degree heat indexes. I am determined not to complain, though, for in a few short months, we’re just as likely to  skip fall and move directly into winter’s cold. Yuck. I’ll take the heat, thank you, and welcome the first official day of summer.

Things really start er, heating up on June 22 as we celebrate Stupid Guy Thing Day. Who among us (especially those of the female persuasion) can’t relate to this day? I mean really. My son is already a pro at stupid guy things, like using his arm pit and opposite hand to see how gross of  a sound he can make or burping loudly and unnecessarily, all the while cackling with laughter. Stupid guy things for sure. And as we all know, the list could go on and on. (And you men know exactly who you are, don’t you??)

Luckily for you men, Let it Go Day is June 23, meaning as obnoxious as you were the day before, we’re willing to let it go on this day. Of course, depending on the severity of the stupid guy thing, letting go may not be all that easy.

Take Your Dog to Work Day is also celebrated on June 23. Many people take their dogs to work every day. Usually they own the business and call their own shots. If that’s not the case for you, take the dog to work if you’d like, assuming you’d also like to seek out other employment. Perhaps that’s why we all get another shot at doing the right thing on June 26. Anyone who was  crazy enough to take their dog to work without permission has a shot at redemption, and the guys, if they were really out of line, have an opportunity to make amends once and for all on Forgiveness Day.

It’s a fairly busy week to be sure, but I think you guys are up to the task. Until next week, get your party on!

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