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As you probably know by now, I babysit my neighbor’s terror cat whenever he’s out of town. Of course, he chose this weekend to head out, leaving the kids and I to deal with the little fur ball with beady red eyes. To make matters worse, I discovered that May 30 is Hug Your Cat Day. As the cat’s caregiver – albeit temporary – I feel I would be remiss if I wasn’t nice to the cat today. So yeah, I guess I’ll suck it up and be nice. Maybe even give the cat a hug. (Or maybe just talk the kids into hugging the cat.) Why me…

Say Something Nice Day is June 1 – as is National Go Barefoot Day. (Hopefully my neighbor will be back by then, saving me from having to be nice to the cat twice in one week. Nevertheless, these two holidays could prove a little tricky if you’re celebrating the latter holiday and step on a sharp object. Just saying, that if I step on something painful (think glass, rusty nail, etc), I doubt I’ll have anything nice to say. You’ve been warned.

Ever find yourself asking what’s in a name? As in seriously, how did a person get that name?? I mention this because National Bubba Day is June 2, in honor of all people who are named Bubba. It’s probably best if I just leave this one alone…

This Saturday, June 5, is a very special day indeed! It’s Kate’s Birthday Day!! That’s right – our favorite movie reviewer, cheater recipe writer and adventure-taker extraordinaire was born on this date many, many years ago, meaning she’s really, really old, now. (Heeheeeheee.) So try to be nice to her today. (OK, truth: she’s barely a year older than me – and we all know I’m 29…).

So Happy Birthday, Kate!! Wishing you a splendid birthday and many, many more!!

Until next week, get your party on!


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