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palooza1I often sit in awe and amazement at the various ways these holidays can be inter-related. Instead of several little parties, we can roll a couple holidays into on big celebration.

Case in point? This week’s holidays start with a bang on May 3, with the ever-popular Lumpy Rug Day and National Two Different Colored Shoes Day. Could it be that the rug is lumpy because someone hid the matches for the two different colored shoes under there?

If that’s not enough excitement to propel you through the week, May 4 is Respect for Chicken Day. I can see how this holiday could morph into Respect Your Mother’s Fried Chicken Day. In fact, that’s how I’ll celebrate – by asking Mom to fry me some chicken.

May 6 is Great American Grump Out Day. If I can’t convince Mom to fry that chicken, I will have valid reason to celebrate this one. If you’re one who celebrates this day, know that May 7 is a bust, holiday-wise. Good thing. If you were really grumpy on the 6th, I’d venture a guess that no one will want to hang out with you, anyway.

No Socks Day is May 8. Sounds like a great excuse to buy a new pair of flip flops and get your summer off to a fashionable start.

May 9 is National Miniature Golf Day and Stay Up All Night Day. Again, I sense a morphing of two into one. If you’re gonna be staying up all night, at least you’ll have something to do.

I think I’ve given you enough to celebrate for this week. So until next week, party on!

liz pic~Liz

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