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Let’s start this week off with a little music, courtesy of National Play Your Ukulele Day on May 2. Many of you may remember Tiny Tim’s famous Tiptoe Through the Tulips. But in my most humble opinion, Jake Shimabukuro has raised the bar for ukulele players to a whole new level. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this holiday.

Things fall apart rapidly, though, on May 3, which just happens to be National Two Different Colored Shoes Day and Lumpy Rug Day. I’m not quite sure whether the originators of this one, whoever they are, were pro-lumpy rugs or anti-lumpy rugs. Hard to say. Equally hard to say what would have possessed anyone to mark a day for lumpy rugs. But what do I know. Perhaps the match to the shoes are stuffed under the rug, ergo the lumps.

Our downward spiral continues on May 4, as we commemorate Respect for Chickens Day. Don’t get me wrong. I respect a good chicken as much as the next person. Especially when roasted to perfection.

Great American Grump Out follows on  Cinco De Mayo (I really hope you can figure out which date these two land on…).  I wonder if the grump out is some sort of protest for those who don’t like Mexican food. Personally, I’ll be all grumped out if I don’t have some Mexican food on this date.

National Miniature Golf Day is May 8. So is Stay Up All Night Day. Perhaps a trip to an all-night putt-putt course is in order. I will probably associate the former of the two with my neighbor, Summer. Because of the competition, fighting and brawl-like atmosphere she experienced playing putt-putt with her husband and three sons, she has refused to play putt-putt – ever again. So she’s gonna have to find some other activity to keep her awake all night.

That’s a wrap for this week, people. Until next week, get your party on!


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