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Today, of course, is Easter. Since it is a well-known holiday, we’re not going to focus on it, and instead move on to other holidays you may not be familiar with.

Tell a Lie Day is April 4, as well. Doesn’t seem right to celebrate that one – especially as it lands on Easter, this year. If you can’t resist and must tell a lie, April 6 would be the perfect day to make amends, since that’s Sorry Charlie Day. This isn’t the same as I’m Sorry Day, but still close enough in technical terms to get you off the hook for all those lies you told on April 4, while still injecting a slight dose of sarcasm. If I’ve offended anyone, well… Sorry, Charlie.

Dyngus Day lands on April 5, this year. This one’s a Polish holiday always celebrated the Monday after Easter.

Also known as Wet Easter Monday, this is the day when boys chase girls, and soak them with water. Whether they use a bucket of water, a water gun, or even a garden hose, their goal is to meet a girl through what could be considered a less-than-normal venue.

The following day, girls can claim their revenge, by targeting the boys with crocks or dishes. All I can say is nothing says “I like you” quite like a busted skull.

No Housework Day is April 7. (Hooray!) If I could hire a maid, I’d make every day No Housework Day. Taking this holiday one step further – and of course I will – this day is also World Health Day. The absence of a little housework could prove to have a positive impact on the world’s health, if you ask me.

Before we wrap up for the week, I’ll bring up a few holidays I wasn’t interested in exploring: Tweed Day, National Walk to Work Day (uh, no thank you), Go for Broke Day, International Beaver Day (yes, you read that right – international…) and Plan your Epitaph Day. I trust there are no longer any questions as to why I choose some holidays over others.

Oh yeah. There’s also All is Ours Day on April 8, as well as Draw a Picture of a Bird Day. Maybe I should’ve quit while I was ahead.


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