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palooza1Believe it or not, you’ve got several days to plan your next party (at least by my calendar). Not because there aren’t any holidays between now and April 23, but because none of them really interest me. My take is, if the day in question isn’t worthy of my time, it would be fairly useless to throw a party in that day’s honor.

Honestly, I’m not that blown away about April 23, either. But we’ll wing it. This date is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day to which my out of the gate response is, “are you crazy?”

I say that from personal experience – or maybe I should say personal necessity. For a couple of years, Colton made the trek from preschool and kindergarten to the  newspaper offices where I worked. Every school day, for about an hour and a half, we up’d our staff by two (I wasn’t the only one who took a child to work each day).

Pulling off such a feat requires immense planning – snacks and drinks on hand, a regularly rotating selection of movies, a variety of “things to do” and saintly patience from all involved. Not to mention the fact that it required a certain amount of multi-tasking on the parents’ part.

Make no mistake – I am very thankful that I had that luxury. Just saying I wouldn’t recommend it – not even for a one-day holiday.

Thank goodness that on April 24, the real parties can finally begin, starting with (wait for it…) National Hairball Awareness Day!

Think I’m kidding? Hardly. In fact, the National Museum of Health and Medicine will host a temporary hairball exhibit in this day’s honor. On display? Hairballs of both  animal and human, uh, form. Visitors will learn how hairballs form, what they’re made of (no, I won’t be going into that, here), and can even hold a hairball, should they be so inclined. I will be busy doing my nails that day.

April 25 is Bob Wills Day. To be fair, I couldn’t claim to have any earthly idea who this is, so I did a little research.

It seems ol’ Bob hailed from Turkey, Texas, and was responsible for putting western swing on the map. (Again, I found myself asking questions,  like, what is western swing?)

There’s a decent amount of information to be found on Bob, whose band was named Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. There are even some song m clips you can listen to as you plan this day’s party. While his music is not necessarily what I find myself listening to on a regular basis, I must admit his tunes are pretty snappy.

Moreover, the  music could be a nice tonic – a reminder of days long gone, when life was a bit simpler, and real excitement was watching the Grand Ol’ Opry on a black-and-white TV set. Remember, I’m referring to his music – not his personal life, which I’ll simply say was a bit colorful.

I think I might like Bob Wills, even if I don’t play his music but one day a year. Join me now if only for one quick song:

I’ll see you next week for the next Palooza installment. Until then, swing your partner round and round!


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