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palooza1Imagine you’re asleep in bed minding your own business, formulating your own dreams when suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a boy appears and tosses a bucket of water on you. You get outta bed, and this same guy is chasing you around, tapping your legs with a pussy willow or other thin twig.

As you look around, all the other girls have water-drenched hair. They’re running from other boys carrying thin twigs too! Imagine this is no dream (it’s not).  It’s actually Wet Easter Monday, also known as Dyngus Day, which always falls on the Monday after Easter. True story – and quite a big deal in Poland, as well as Buffalo, NY, which claims to be the Dyngus capital of the world.

It’s a day where boys chase girls and pour water on their heads (presumably it is holy water from a church’s Easter service) and chase them with sticks. It is worth noting that girls have a chance to get even the following day by throwing crocks at the boys. (Can you say pain?)

Anywho in addition to the above-mentioned modes of celebration, most Dyngus Day festivities also include lots of Polka-ing, sausage, and of course, the official vodka of Dyngus Day Buffalo. I feel as if I need a drink just knowing this celebration exists.

April 13 is also Blame Someone Else Day. Doesn’t that figure. Dyngus Day aside, I can think of a myriad of uses for Blame Someone Else Day. Burnt toast? No problem. Mistake at the office? Easy. Gained 10 pounds eating chocolate bunnies? Fear not. Just blame someone else.

Today is also my oldest son’s 25th birthday. How he got to be that old is beyond me heehee. Happy Birthday, Jason!!

Tax Day shares April 15 with That Sucks Day and Take a Wild Guess Day. I imagine it goes something like this: “Hey. You’ll never believe how much I owed the government this year.”  The friend will of course respond with two words. “That sucks.”

April 15 is also Rubber Eraser Day. I suspect this is an effort to pay hommage to the great Pink Pearl eraser. Ergonomically designed to erase the smallest – or largest – details,  and perfectly scented as a constant reminder of school years, the Pink Pearl is a must have – even if you don’t own a pencil. Celebrate today by writing and erasing, which I imagine many a do-it-yourselfer tax filer will be doing today as well.

April 16 is National Stress Awareness Day. Gee I wonder why, after all those tax returns hit the mail. I say this is a day to be proactive and revolt against stress. Refuse to have any. Greet everyone you see with these simple words: “I feel peaceful, today, don’t you?” Today is also National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day, clearly an effort to support my rebellion of National Stress Awareness Day.

We’ll wrap up the week with yet another biggie – Blah, Blah, Blah Day. Who can’t think of a hundred ways to celebrate this one! Case in point: I get eleven hundred emails from readers complaining about the trouble they caused by wearing pajamas to work.

My response will be straight-forward. Blah, blah, blah…

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