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palooza1I loved the French doors in my old house that separated my office from the rest of the house. I miss those doors. No French doors in this house.

I often admire people in relationships, too.  I don’t even remember the last time I went out on a date.

I’d love to have a flat-screen TV. Alas I do not. We’ve got the old style boxy models that the buttons are giving out on.

Why do I mention this? March 30 is The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence Day. How easy would it be to give yourself permission to covet that which you don’t possess for a full 24 hours, guilt-free?

Of course, you could be a bit more stoic and admit that those French doors may look good, but they don’t provide a whole lot of privacy, or that the last date I remember is one I’d just as soon forget. Or that my TVs work – and I’m saving a big chunk of money by sticking with what I have.

Maybe this is one of those holidays that challenges you to really look across the fence. There could be lots of brown patches. Maybe even a quicksand pit on the other side.  I’m just saying, don’t get too carried away on this day.

She’s Funny That Way Day is March 31. Now there’s a day to party. The absolute best way to celebrate this day is to fit the phrase into general conversations as many times as possible. Keep tabs, and encourage others to do the same. At the end of the day, tally up, and give the winner a nice prize. Sounds like something Kate would do. She’s funny that way.

April 1 is Sorry Charlie Day, St. Stupid Day and Fun At Work Day. Seriously. Who came up with that one? Most people I know would say fun and work mix about as well as oil and water. Sorry Charlie…

Geez. Talk about your busy weeks. April 2 is Reconciliation Day, which always makes me think of my checkbook, April 3 is Pony Express Day and Tweed Day. Does the excitement ever end?

We’ll wrap up the week with World Rat Day. I won’t be celebrating – at least not until I’m sure their cousins, the mice, have vacated my property.

stopping by woods on a snowy evening extended metaphor
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