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Well, I’m back, Coffee Breakers! And so are the holidays, so without further ado, we’re gonna pretend like there aren’t many holidays on Feb. 7 (and the truth is, the biggie is the Super Bowl and Man Day. Man Day could theoretically open up a can of worms, so I think it’s best this way…)

But Feb. 8 is a big day for anyone struggling financially. You think I’m kidding? HA! Get ready for Laugh and Get Rich Day. Beecause apparently, yes – it’s that simple. I think this one probably works on quality of laughter. A little laugh or chuckle equals 10 bucks, tops. A good laugh? Heck, that one may be worth $50. But a hearty belly laugh is probably worth a C-note or better, depending on duration and authenticity.

If there are unknowns, it would be that the judges of the laughter are unknown, as are the distributors of said money that turns a laugh into cold hard cash. Why is it I get the feeling this holiday’s birth parents are getting the real laugh?

Anywho, Read in the Bathtub Day follows on Feb. 9. I never got into taking a book into the bathtub. Then again, I never take baths. And I don’t see books working too well in the shower.

Satisfied Staying Single Day follows on Feb. 11. I suppose this is one of those pre-Valentine’s Day days intended to ease the blow of the big day that lovers everywhere celebrate to a fault. You’ll tell yourself you’re satisfied being single, beginning today, so when the diamonds and tulips and chocolates and s0-sappy-you-want-to-throw-up-in-your-mouth cards don’t arrive, you’re good with that. And I say, whatever gets you through the night.

If that day did nothing for you, Madly In Love with Me Day is Feb. 13. If you find yourself celebrating this one, I suggest you might want to celebrate Satisfied Staying Single Day, too, because you’re probably gonna be single for some time to come. Remember, people, there’s a difference between loving yourself and being madly in love with yourself… Maybe try a bit of moderation? By doing so, you may attract the love of your life and instead be able to celebrate Get a Different Name Day, which also falls on the 13th.

The way I see it, this week’s holidays are all about the attitude. Play your cards right and you could laugh your way to wealth while reading a book in the tub and be so satisfied being single that you learn to love yourself. Then the man or woman of your dreams appears outta nowhere. And next thing you know, you’re getting a different name!

Until next week, get your party on!


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