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Remember when you were little and you ventured into your grandparents’ attic to look for treasures? There was something quite comforting about seeing all the old quilts and dishes and knickknacks. I could’ve stayed up there for hours on end, sifting through all that old stuff.

I’m not sure that’s what the originators of this holiday had in mind, but nevertheless, March 2 is Old Stuff Day – the perfect time to get in your grandparents’, parents’ or even your own attic and root through old stuff.

I should probably point out that FlyLady would insist on getting rid of the clutter while you’re at it. And I suspect she’d back up the need to declutter all that old stuff with one sentence: I want you to be happy.

As luck would have it, I Want You To Be Happy Day is March 3. See how all these holidays can work together with the right attitude?

Speaking of attitude and all things of the mind, March 5 is Multiple Personality Day – and I challenge you to tell me you don’t have multiple personalities from time to time. Heck, I can go through three or four personalities before breakfast, some days. Think about it. We can switch between being happy or sad, empowered or looking for direction. We can feel like a success or a failure. And many times, these feelings fight each other for top billing. While you may argue that these are emotions and not personalities, I again defy you to tell me that your personality – that person you present to the world – doesn’t alter at least a little, based on how you feel.

Keep in mind, I don’t care how many personalities you have. I just want you to be happy (heh, heh).

Moving right along, March 6 is National Frozen Food Day. I’m liking this one already. Because when I hear “frozen food”, I’m thinking “frozen dinner”, which means I don’t have to cook.

OK, truth be told, I really don’t mind cooking – in fact, I sometimes really enjoy it. However comma (,) when a certain finicky red-headed 8-year-old who shall remain nameless doesn’t eat most fare offered, it seems a total waste of time. Which brings us back to another reason for celebrating National Frozen Food Day.

So let’s all follow suit this weekend and eat frozen foods for dinner. Just in case there are those of you out there who would take this holiday in the most literal of terms, be sure to heat them up, first.

Until next week, get your party on!


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