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Wow! Are we having fun yet? I trust all of you did your party to ward off winter yesterday, hoodie-hooin’ everywhere you went. The weather will be the judge of how well you performed, of course. For the love of Mike, I sure hope you did well.

I say that because Feb. 22 is For the Love of Mike Day.

Please don’t ask who Mike is. The best I can do is tell you of a 1927 movie by the same name. Directed by Frank Capra, the movie told the story of three men who adopted an orphan and financed his education. The kid attends Yale and almost falls in with the wrong crowd. Alas, he is saved by the love of a co-ed.

All that, and I still have no idea where the saying came from, what it means, or why there is a day set aside to celebrate.

Up next is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day and Curling is Cool Day - both of which fall on Feb. 23. I initially wondered if this was a way to bolster the sale of curing irons or hot rollers, but the curling referred to has nothing to do with hair. (Was I the only one out of the loop, here?)

Anyway, after a bit of research, I found out the curling in question was of the Olympic persuasion. The winter sport involves two teams of four players each. Some refer to it as chess on ice. There’s a broom involved – and granite stones. while resources say the game is similar to bocce and bowling, it sounds a lot like shuffle board to me. And shuffle boarding is more in keeping with our hoodie-hoo calls for spring.

Feb. 27 is Open That Bottle Night, or, as its originators refer to it, OTBN.

Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, wine writers for The Wall Street Journal, founded this holiday, which is celebrated the last Saturday in February each year. The premise behind OTBN is that people tend to hoard their special wines, rarely if ever uncorking the bottle – or the memories contained within.

Personal preference can dictate whether OTBN is spent one-on-one, in a small gathering, or a full-fledged dinner party.

This holiday has continued to gain in popularity since the inaugural event in 2000. Some have reported that a special bottle of wine, saved for 20 or more years, was undrinkable on OTBN (which is why the founders suggest having a spare bottle or three, just in case). Others have said their special bottle of wine was fantastic.

But this holiday’s founders never intended OTBN to be just about the wine (although that part is definitely a perk). It’s about uncorking special memories that somehow get locked into th bottles themselves. I guess it’s like any special possession that, for fear of it being damaged or broken, is is packed carefully away (perhaps in a lot of bubble wrap). In reality, it’s not about the possessions, but the memories and friendships and moments that mark our lives.

So, for the love of Mike, open that bottle! And until next week, get your party on!


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