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best descriptive essayBy now, most of you have probably come to the realization that there is never a dull moment where holidays and celebrations are concerned. This week is no exception. So put down that heart-shaped box of chocolates and let’s get to it.

February 17 is Champion Crab Race Day - a holiday right up my alley.

I love crabs – king crab, snow crab, blue crab, even imitation crab. I’ve had pet hermit crabs. And sometimes, I act like a crab.

In Oregon, the big day is celebrated just as the holiday’s name implies. Six contestants at a times (of the human persuasion) ante up $1 to $4. Six Dungeness crabs are pulled from a tank and assigned a lane on the race track, angled at 35 degrees to encourage the crabs to move.

The crustaceans are placed sideways in their lane and cheered to the finish line. The winner goes on to compete in the quarter finals, semi-finals and championship.

One year, a fake nurse accused winners of taking anabolic steroids. The accused crabs were summarily disqualified, boiled and eaten.

This day is also Random Acts of Kindness Day – a day that obviously doesn’t apply to the crabs.

Feb. 20 is Northern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day. I was a bit taken aback by this one, at first, wondering how we could be reduced to celebrating hooded clothing.

Imagine my surprise and delight in discovering this day is not about clothing at all.

This is the day we join together to say, “Goodbye, winter. We’ve had enough. Let’s welcome the first buds of spring, shorts and T-shirts, warm weather and green grass.” It’s the day we raise our hands high in the air (we’re talking elbows fuly extended here) and say, “Hoodie Hoo!”

While the celebration typically consists of people gathering outdoors at high noon to shout “Hoodie Hoo”, I think we should take it one step further this year.

Spend this day replacing the typical “hi, how are ya?” with “hoodie hoo!” I dare you to do it. Put those hands in the air and practice right now: “Hoodie HOOOOO!”

Can you do it and keep a straight face? I didn’t think so. See? It’s beginning to feel like spring already. Know that by greeting everyone you meet with enthusiasm, you’re doing your part to ward off the chill of winter and beckon warmer temperatures.

With heavy snowfalls predicted yet again this week for much of the nation (including my own neck of the woods), we need Hoodie Hoo Day more than ever. Much more of this weather, and I really might turn into a crab.


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