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where can i pay someone to do my homeworkWell, here it is – the week we’ve all been waiting for – the week to think clouds! Because as you probably know, ol’ Punxsutawny Phil will waddle out of his hole in the ground on Feb. 2 to single-handedly decide whether or not we’ll have six more weeks of winter.

Groundhog Day has been around for more than a century. Who knew a groundhog could live to be that old – or be this famous? Take a look at a few of Phil’s other antics, courtesy of The Official Website of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club:

During Prohibition, Phil threatened to impose 60 weeks of winter on the community if he wasn’t allowed a drink.

In 1981 Phil wore a yellow ribbon in honor of the American hostages in Iran.

Phil traveled to Washington DC in 1986 to meet with President Reagan. He was joined by Groundhog Club President Jim Means, Al Anthony and Bill Null.

Phil appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show in 1995.

In 2001, Phil’s prediction was shown live on the JumboTron at Times Square in New York City.

Let’s face it – it’s not every day when a groundhog can gain such notoriety. Heck, the little furball even has a movie named after him!

I would be remiss if I failed to list a couple of this week’s other holidays. For example, there’s Hula in the Coola Day and Work Naked Day on Feb. 1. But I think we can see where that one’s going… and Heaven forbid the two are combined…

Oh – there’s also Quacker Day on the 4th, and Dump Your Significant Jerk Day on the 6th. I trust that the reasons for keeping our focus on, and celebrating a groundhog are becoming clear.

Until next week, get your party on!


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