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Doesn’t that 1/2 look funny up there? Better yet, look at the whole thing: 01/02/2010. It’s a mirror image date!

Moving right along…

Even though Christmas seems so yesterday, we still have several related holidays. For example, Falling Needles Family Fest Day is Dec. 30. Our house looks to be in good shape for this one, because I’ve noticed more than a few needles on the tree skirt. Unfortunately, the tree to which I allude is artificial.

I’m not quite sure what it is that this holiday would have us do with all the needles. With the Craftdown at a conclusion for this year, seems the best plan of action might be to enlist everyone’s help to sweep up all the falling needles and (gasp!) throw them away. How is it, exactly, that this one is a holiday…

Moving on to Dec. 31, we of course celebrate New Year’s Eve (just not here in Paloozaland). It’s also Make Up Your Mind Day and No Interruptions Day. At  first glance, you may wonder if those two holidays can actually be celebrated in tandem. I say, yes they can. Just spend the day saying this:

“Don’t interrupt me. I’m making up my mind.”

On Jan. 1, we have New Year’s Dishonors List Day. Apparently, a bunch of people get together and decide which words have been abused and way over-used in the past year.

Lake Superior State University has already issued their list, which begins by giving the axe to anything related to word “green.” For this brazen move, I think they deserve some sort of major award. Talk about abused words… Going green, buy green, green up your environment and other such phrases only encourage me to do the opposite, and leave me seeing red. Carbon footprint is on the list, too, which means I’m about ready to hug someone on this dishonors list committee.

Also mentioned on this list are words like staycation, not so much (hee, hee), icon/iconic, game changer, and the term desperate search. I’m sure if we put our heads together, we could come up with our own list for this day. In fact, if there are a few words or phrases you’d like to rant about, drop us a line at or leave your comment below.

Until next week (and next year!) get your party on!

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