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united states history and government regents review book, we’re a little light on holidays this week. Well, not really. Friday is Christmas Day! But as I’m sure you’ve come to learn, we aren’t about traditional holidays, here. We’re about all the bizarre holidays that otherwise would go un-noticed and without celebration.

There are weeks where that could be a blessing, but we’ll worry about that later.

Dec. 21 is a day that I’m betting could come at several points during the month of December: it’s Humbug Day. Trust me when I tell you I’ve been there, done that, lately. Maybe you know the feeling. Time seems to fly, and the list of things to do just gets longer. And at some point, in an act of sheer desperation, you decide you will never accomplish everything you’d like, so why bother at all.

BAHHHHH humbug, you may declare.

Just so you know, moments such as this are quite normal, and usually leave as quickly as they arrive, often without our conscious knowledge. Perhaps it’s a favorite Christmas song, or maybe a card from an old friend. But we all know as humbuggie as things can get from time to time, a bit of Christmas cheer is never far away.

I attribute that to being just another example of Christmas miracles. Not sure that same change of attitude happens as readily at other times of the year.

Let’s head past Christmas now (boy does that seem weird – and maybe a little melancholy) to Dec. 26, when we acknowledge National Whiner’s Day. I’m betting you already have a pretty good feel for this one – a day when you sit and whine about what Santa didn’t bring.

Of course, maybe if you hadn’t been such a humbug several days ago, you’d have no reason to whine. Nevertheless, plenty of people will find a reason to whine on this day, forgetting the spirit of Christmas overnight. How sad that the  season of goodwill can disappear so quickly because of a change of pages on the calanders of our lives.

Ultimately, whether or not we choose to whine on this day will be up to us. I have a good feeling that the spirit of the season is always there, regardless.

Until next week, get your party on!

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