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palooza1With the countdown to Christmas at T Minus 12 days, things are getting pretty hectic around here. I suspect the same is true for you guys. Although many of us are focused on the 24th and 25th, there are other holidays between now and then, believe it or not.

Let’s begin with one near and dear to me – read this, which lands on Dec. 15. Instead of hopping on my soapbox and stressing the importance of these rights, and turning this into civics 101, I’ll bring  you a piece of trivia that you may or may not know.

There were actually 12 amendments in the Bill of Rights draft, dated Dec. 15,bill-of-rights-large 1789. But the First Congress only ratified amendments 3-12 in 1791.

The original first amendment would have regulated the number of Representatives by state populations, while the second one would have prohibited Congressmen and Senators from increasing their salaries during the current term of office.

Because of the failure to ratify the original 2nd amendment, both chambers continue to vote for their own raises – a practice I find despicable. So before I set off on a full-blown rant, I think I better change the subject.

Barbie and Barney Backlash Day falls on Dec. 16. It’s a real shame this one is so close to Christmas. I’m betting we could have a lot of fun if this one was celebrated in, oh… say, April. As it is, it’s way to close to Christmas to take any  chances,  so might I encourage a little decorum here. As tempting as it may be to dismantle your little brother’s singing Barney or chop of Malibu Barbie’s hair, don’t forget the naughty and nice list. It’s much easier for Santa’s elves to scratch you from the good list than it is to get your name put back on it.

Moving on to Dec. 17, we have National Regifting Day. I stand in total opposition to this one, believing that it is in extremely poor taste to receive a gift only to turn around and give it to someone else.

First, it is an insult to the original giver, who likely thought long and hard as to the perfect gift. Second, it is an insult to the new recipient. Might as well look at the new receiver and say, “Well, Merry Christmas. So-and-so gave me this sweater and I can’t stand it, so I’m giving it to you. That way, I don’t have to spend my money.”

Oh, sure. You may have been brainwashed to believe that it’s socially vogue to re-gift. Or maybe you’ve been led to believe that by re-gifting, you’ll save the planet. Save those little excuses for the shelf elf. And until next week, get your party on!

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