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palooza1When I think of the phrase “aid and abet,” the first word that comes to mind is: illegal. So as we celebrate Abet and Aid Punsters Day on Nov. 8, I trust you will take the high road, keeping your own abetting and aiding in check, please.

I think we all have a punster inside – I know I do. In fact, family dinners are often loaded with puns and jabs and crazy jokes that find us doing a lot of eye-rolling. Here’s a site that’s devoted to puns. Check it out, then see if you and your family can come up with your own as this day unfolds. In my opinion, the more eyes that roll, the better!

Nov. 8 is also Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day. Cabbage, kraut and garlic-heavy recipes come to mind. If you pull out your creativity, you could probably think of a few puns to go along with your meal.

Moving right along – in fact, moving all the way into the weekend – Nov. 13 is Domino Day. Apparently, people gather to build and topple dominoes – millions of dominoes. So, if that’s your thing, check out this site, which has tons of photos and videos. Pretty cool to watch.

Keep in mind, as I told you last week, holidays are slim pickins right now. Take comfort, though. We’re only two and a half weeks away from Turkey Day!

Until next week, get your party on!

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