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palooza11-300x236Well, here we are. A few short days until Thanksgiving – and a bang-up list of holidays to explore (give me my dreams, ok?).

Actually, things really don’t get going until Nov. 24 with Celebrate Your Unique Talents Day. Oh sure. I can celebrate my multiple talents all day long (and you could, too). But the trick on this day is to celebrate talents unique to each of us. Hmm. Maybe we could change this one to FIND Your Unique Talent Day. But no one asked me.

Tie One On Day lands on Nov. 24, so if you’re planning on doing some Turkey Day Eve cooking, you may want to tie one on after your work in the kitchen is done.

Flossing Day, Buy Nothing Day, Sinkie Day and Your Welcomegiving Day are all rotating holidays, falling on the Friday after Thanksgiving every year. While the first two are self-explanatory, and the last one is just stupid, Sinkie Day may need a little explanation. It’s the one day of the year where we’re given the all-clear to eat over the kitchen sink. (Actually, I do that just about every time I’m the only one in the house.)

Should you need any ideas for this one, the best leftovers for over-the-sink eating would have to be a turkey sandwich, with dressing, gravy and cranberry sauce on top.And when you’re done eating, be sure to floss :-)

Until next week – get your party on!

While you figure out the best ways to celebrate these holidays, don’t forget to send us your favorite crafty Christmas ideas! Email!
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