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palooza1We kick off this week of wacky holidays with Make A Difference Day, which is  Oct. 24. Suffice to say that after life evaluation stuff last week, you’ll probably have some sense as to how you, too, can make a difference. But before you get too carried away, I’d like to point out that making a difference doesn’t necessarily mean something good. Which is why I think the phrase “make a difference” is pretty lame. Hitler “made a difference.” Stalin “made a difference.” See where I’m going here? Evil, evil people can make a difference, too. So if you’re gonna celebrate this one, which could really be construed as just about anything, stay on your guard. If you can’t clearly define exactly what you’re making, you may want to sit this one out.

Instead, bring out the lemons, pucker up, and get those saliva glands rolling and we’ll celebrate the ever-popular Sourest Day, which also lands on Oct. 24. Sounds to me like someone is taking revenge on Sweetest Day, but that’s neither here nor there.

Regardless of this holiday’s history (because I couldn’t find a history…) I suggest taking a look at a slew of sour candies that can be found at this

Cranky Co-Workers Day follows on Oct. 27. You’ll be cranky, too, if you fail to celebrate Sourest Day

Quite frankly, the holidays seem to go downhill quickly as we approach Halloween, Kate’s second-favorite holiday of the year. We’ve got National Chocolates Day on Oct. 28, and National Candy Corn Day on Oct. 30 (yawn).

But here’s one that may be worth exploring: Haunted Refrigerator Night. This one lands on Oct. 30, too, and, in my view, it stands to wipe National Candy Corn Day off the map if we play our cards right.

There are two ways you can go at this holiday. You could always rig the fridg with spiders or skeletons and the like, invoking instant shock to all who dare open the door.

Or you could simply refuse to clean your refrigerator out and see what kind of monsters and ghouls decide to grow in there. Fresh penicillin, anyone? Let’s remember this about a month beforehand next year, for best effect. If you store the right things for long enough, you won’t need to rig the door to scare people. The sight (and smell) of rotten, moldy food will do the job for you!

Until next week, get your party on!

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