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liz and kate cup presentsJust when I’m ready to give up faith in humanity, you guys pull through with another splendid idea for the Christmas season. I knew I could count on you guys.

This week’s fare features both edible and non-edible goodies. I recommend making the eats first, so you have something to munch on while completing the other project. A glass of that Cranberry Wine could be a nice touch, too. Anyway, on to the craftdown.

My cousin Susan submitted this great idea for personalizing Christmas cards. Her idea reminds me of Sandra Lee’s cooking show – both of these fine ladies know the art of taking store-bought goods and making them their own. Thanks, Susan!

Low Cost Christmas Cards

To me a Christmas card without glitter is just not worth sending. Fancy glittered boxed Christmas cards are way too expensive. I tried making my own on the computer and then adding touches of glitter, but these end up costing just as much for expensive ink, paper, envelopes and craft supplies.

My solution is to search for inexpensive plain un-glittered boxed cards and add touches of glitter to them. Study them carefully before you buy to decide where you can easily add glue and glitter to jazz them up. You don’t want to choose a very complicated design.

I’ve also done this with Valentines and birthday cards.

Be sure to shop after Christmas sales to find inexpensive cards for next year.

Now for the food. This is a staple around our house every Christmas season. To say this stuff is addicting is an understatement (just ask Kate, who made a batch of her own last weekend). I have no idea where this recipe originated. Mom has been making it for years and years, though. It is my humble opinion that once you’ve tried these Nuts and Bolts, you’ll never go back to a bag of Chex Mix.

Nuts and Bolts


  • 3 sticks butter or margarine
  • 1 T. garlic salt
  • 1 T. onion salt
  • 1 T. celery salt
  • ¼ c. Worcestershire sauce

Melt in saucepan, but do not allow it to boil. Stir frequently.

In a large roaster or dutch oven, pour in:

  • 1 box Rice Chex
  • 1 box Cheerios
  • 1 bag pretzel sticks
  • 1 can mixed nuts

Pour butter mix over cereals, etc very slowly, stirring thoroughly and often (this is really a two-person job, although I do it by myself when I must).

Bake, covered, at 225 for one hour. Remove cover and stir. Return to oven uncovered and bake another hour, stirring about every 20 minutes.

While I do like them right out of the oven, I really like them once they’ve cooled for several hours. After they’ve cooled completely, move them to an air-tight container like Tupperware. They keep for a few weeks, easily. Assuming they last that long…

OH – and for any of you who may have missed it (shame, shame) Kate got into the spirit this week too, when she posted this. Sometimes I have to wonder if she’s secretly scheming to undermine the craftdown, heehee. But I’ll let her explain herself…

OK – that’s it for this week. Be sure to get your ideas in for next week ASAP! Just send us an email ( or leave a comment (which will also register you for this week’s giveaway!).

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