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liz and kate cup presentsWell, here we are – the day after Thanksgiving – and the clock is ticking, people.  Gifts to make, food to eat, homes to decorate, yet I have nothing to offer you from your peers this week.

Thank God I’m creative (insert peels of laughter).

Which brings us to this week’s craft. Note that “craft” is singular because for reasons that I’m sure can only be attributed to the internet not delivering, I’ve yet to receive your emails and comments for this week’s craft, festive food or to-die-for decoration. I am sure it’s just the internet, though. Have no fear.

So, without further ado, I found this on’s website and we are giving it a whirl in the a.m., so photos will have to follow. Please overcome.

Here are the recommendations for creation:

An egg carton

Clear glass ornaments

Acrylic paints in color of choice

(Pretty simple at this point.)

How to make it:

Turn egg carton upside down and use crevices to hold glass balls (hanger tops removed).  Pour acrylic paint onto a paper plate or Dixie cup, and add a little water, then stir (toothpicks are great for things like this). Paint should drip from the brush within a couple of seconds.

Using a paint brush, apply paint to the top of the ornament and allow it to drip down. If the paint doesnt drip, add more paint to the scene of the crime (or the first glob of paint). Continue this process with the same, or varying colors, around the ornament, covering the ornament with vertical stripes of color to taste.

Replace the hanger top, and lace a color-coordinated ribbon through it for the finishing touches.


I like the idea of doing these in team colors for high schoolers and college students. This is one you can take off with and make it your own – modifying as your imagination allows.

Meanwhile, I challenge you to snap outta the turkey-induced coma and get going. We’re gonna need lots more ideas in seven short days!


So we made the ornaments. Hannah’s turned out pretty good, using ornamentyellow, lime green and pink. I tried one, too. Not gonna show it. I wonder if it’s my patience that makes this one a bit difficult for me… Regardless, we had 12 glass balls (Hannah picked out the opaque ones, though – perhaps that is problematic) take away the two I ruined and that leaves nine ornaments for Hannah to paint tomorrow.

I wouldn’t shun you off this one, though. And if you try it, please send photos (and divulge your secrets).

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