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It’s not like this is the first time that my youngest has mentioned something he wants for Christmas. In fact, I think he secretly started his list the day after Christmas 2008.
It’s just that the list is intensifying – and it’s only August.
Oddly enough, the only thing on said list is Legos. Lots of Legos. He’s been a building freak for several years now, and unfortunately outgrew the “age appropriate” Legos with his first kit.
Now, those kits marked 12 and up don’t even faze him. He simply opens each package of blocks, promptly dumps them on the kitchen table or the floor, and proceeds to build until the masterpiece is complete.
The truly unfortunate part of this comes in the reality that the more difficult the kit, the more pieces. The more pieces, the more money. Not to mention they’re always Star Wars or Indiana Jones – the kits with the heftiest price tags.
About an hour ago, he insisted there were only two things he wanted Santa to bring. Grand total? $450.
Looks like ol’ Saint Nick is not only jolly, but rich, too.
Then comes word from the boy with his head stuck into the Lego catalog:
“I forgot. There’s one more thing I want, and that’s all. Not bad is it, Mom? That’s not too much, is it?”
In his mind, those three things certainly must not seem like much. The price tag is likely irrelevant, at best. It’s a modest, triple request.
And when such a modest request comes from big brown innocent eyes, all bets could feasibly be off.
All I’m saying is Santa better be willing to bring his best game. The most wonderful time of the year is still four months away…
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