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Christmas Craftdown – Cookie Cutter Wreath

When I got out my Christmas decorations a few days ago, I discovered that one of my favorite old wreaths was looking a little worse for wear. Many of the berries had fallen off and the greenery seemed to be smashed beyond repair. I decided it was time for a new wreath. Hooray for computers and Google, because I found wreath ideas galore. So many, that I had a hard time choosing one to make. This is the one my husband and I absolutely loved, so here is it…

Cookie Cutter Wreath


  • metal cookie cutters, about 16 – 20. (I used 18, which came in a little tub from Walmart.)
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • a ribbon or bow to put on top


Arrange the cookie cutters into the general size of circle you’d like your finished wreath to be.


You will have to spend a little time re-arranging the cookie cutters to get them to fit together like a puzzle.

I discovered as I started to glue the cookie cutters together, the pieces would shift and need to be re-positioned constantly. Solution: Trace an outline on the inside of the wreath onto a piece of posterboard or large paper. (I pulled the cookie cutters away from the outline so I could take a picture to show you.)

Notice where the cookie cutters touch each other and apply hot glue to those spots.

Work quickly to attach cookie cutters before glue cools and set. Continue gluing until wreath is complete.

Let glue dry completely and attach a bow to the top.

Hang and enjoy!

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