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After what seemed at times to be an endless winter, we’ve had some beautiful days around here, lately. Warm temps, budding trees and flowers, and the sounds of lawnmowers have never been more welcomed.

Sure. I may be a little early – temperatures are expected to take a couple of momentary nosedives over the the next two weeks – but I’m taking the plunge and bringing out the summer wardrobe. Just the thought of finally putting away all the heavy sweaters and turtlenecks and all things made of wool or stuffed with down was enough to get me started.

Beyond packing away all things winter, don’t you love the feeling of re-discovering that favorite shirt or finding that pair of shorts you forgot you bought on sale at last summer’s end? That’s the easy part.

Then there’s the other part. – as long as we’re gonna tackle this, we might as well do it right. I’m talking about the part where you question the need for every item you pack away or drag out, and deciding whether to keep it, toss it, or donate it.

It’s easy to imagine ridding your closet of clothes that no longer fit, are out of style, or make you feel self-conscious when you wear them. It’s an entirely different scenario to hold that article of clothing in your hand and make the choice to let go of it.

Think about that shirt that went out of style with “Disco Duck”. Or that pair of pants that’s really too tight, but you insist you’ll lose those five pounds and slink right back into them. Or the outfit you spent too much on two years ago that still has the tags on it.Time to let ‘em go.

My favorite example of letting go came a few seasons back. For years (no kidding) I’d held onto a ratty old T-shirt. It was so large that I’d never worn it outside of the house, but boy was it perfect to sleep in. It practically came down to my knees and wrapped me with a warm sense of comfort whenever I wore it.

I wore it so much that the neckline had begun to tear away from the body of the T-shirt. Little holes had popped up on the sleeves and around the bottom hem. The truth was, whenever I put that shirt on, I was wearing a rag.  Nevertheless, the choice to toss it out was more than a little painful.

Just like everyday life, letting go is usually more difficult than holding on to things that no longer serve us. (Isn’t it cool how this little clothing project is also a life lesson?) So let’s head to the closet (no, I don’t mean for you to hide in there).

Here’s a fairly painless way to start. As you switch out your clothes, have two bags or boxes on hand, in addition to your storage boxes. (Warning! Do not skip this step by telling yourself you’ll put them into piles and deal with it later. Trust me on this one.) Dedicate one bag for clothes that are faded, torn or otherwise unwearable. Assign clothes that no longer serve you, but could be worn by someone else, to the other bag. (Remember the adage that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.)

The next step is sheer genius – and one I can’t take credit for dreaming up. As you hang up the warm-weather clothes, hang them facing the back of the closet if you have a walk-in closet (or hanging to the left for other closets). As you wear them, hang them facing the door (or facing the right). At the end of the season, anything still hanging backward will send a clear message – it hasn’t been worn all season. (Clearly, you’ll know what to do with these clothes.)

Once you’ve completed the transition, rid the room of the throw-aways and donations ASAP.

Sure, it may be a little difficult to let go of a few things. But there’s always an upshot. By clearing out, making space, we’ll be making room for something new and accepting, yes, embracing, change. Even if it’s only in our closet.


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