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Ever have one of those days where you wake up and wonder what’s wrong with people? I have those mornings more than I care to admit. Today is no exception.

As you probably know, hacking is apparently all the rage these days. From Wiki-Leaks to Sony to Mastercard, it would appear no one is safe from the hackers and their misguided quest to create chaos. Not even road signs.

Enter this story, which, much to my chagrin, played out just a few miles from my humble abode:

Then I came across this headline:Police: Man Tries Steal Cop’s Car, Blames ‘Batman’

And there’s the story of the dad who slept in the passenger seat while his 8-year-old cruised at a cool 70 mph down the highway. That’s rich, huh?

Taking the cake, though, was a headline questioning whether or not Hollywood had run out of new ideas, based on the plethora of remakes coming out (think “The Flintstones”, “Red Dawn” and “Footloose”).

Note to Hollywood: It’s a wild, crazy world out there. Ya may want to check it out. Just sayin’.


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