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Kate’s Escapades – my secret yearning to <br />Snuggie it up

You’ve all seen the annoying commercials.  Either you love ‘em, or you think they’re the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen.   I’d venture to guess that many of you, whether you’ll admit or not,  secretly want one.  It’s the oh so cozy  blanket with sleeves: the snuggie. I’ve secretly wanted one for years, but never had the guts to buy one for fear of being ridiculed by my fellow man.  This winter I’ve decided it’s high …

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Betcha didn’t know… this tip for reversing winter weight gain. Soak up some sun to curb cravings.  Without enough sunlight, your body’s production of the feel-good hormone serotonin dips dramatically. That may trigger cravings for chips, cookies, ice cream and other refined carbs, which have the power to raise serotonin levels, too, but for a price: calories. But sitting in the sun (or even a brightly lit room) for at least 10 – 15 minutes a day can do the same thing. ~Woman’s World *Leave a comment on this, or any, post and be automatically entered in this week’s giveaway. … Read entire article »

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Kate’s Escapades – Start some new Christmas traditions
Ornament Exchange Game

Christmas is a time for traditions, a time for making memories with your loved ones.  When I ask my kids what some of their favorite Christmas memories are, they always seem to mention memories centered around our family traditions. For us, it’s what makes the holidays have that warm and cozy feel. I am a big believer in holiday traditions, and for my family it’s not just the  Christmas routines, mind you, I’ve got traditions for practically every holiday of the year. If anything, I think I tend to ere on the side of OVER-doing it. But Christmas is the biggie, the granddaddy, the big kahuna of holidays. The other holidays are just warming me up for the grand finale holiday of the year. I’ve been at this mom business for a … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: Santa’s coming!

Can you believe this is the week of Christmas? That in only a few days, Santa – the man in the big red suit – will be coming down the chimney? Maybe it’s just me but it seems like those last couple of weeks before the most wonderful time of the year always fly by. Sometimes, even that ritual visit to see Santa gets put off until the last minute. So this year, I figured I’d be one step ahead and actually plan the day for our visit. We headed to Lexington Green before 9 a.m. on Saturday. The plan was simple: I’d pick up a few things from the bookstore, and by the time we were done there, Santa would be arriving, Colton would divulge his wishlist, and we’d be … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: Turkey Day shoppers

Do you remember when Thanksgiving meant absolutely nothing was open, store-wise? As in, you could drive through Anytown, America on that day and it was  as if the streets had been rolled up. You were lucky to  see a passing car. My how things change. This year, a host of stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day. Theories are aplenty – perhaps it’s because lots of people want to beat the Black Friday crowds, or maybe stores are trying to generate the additional sales. Or maybe we’ve just lost touch of Thanksgiving all together. Is it that difficult to stay clear of the stores for one day? That difficult to stay at home, eat some turkey, watch some football and chill? I realize the movie theaters and bowling alleys are usually open Thursday. … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: Pardon me! And other turkey tidbits

Yep, this is it – the day of days for the gobblers out there. The day when one lucky bird gets the ultimate gift: a pardon. Meanwhile an estimated 45 million will be landing on our dining room tables. For that, I am thankful. Anywho, the presidential pardon will be given today. This whole pardoning thing began in 1989 with the elder George Bush, and has continued since. And two turkeys are pardoned, not one. (Think of it like the Miss America contest or something – if the winner can’t fulfill her duties, the alternate takes over…). Until 2005, the pardoned turkeys were sent to live in the Turkey Barn at Kidwell Farm, a petting zoo located ironically enough at Frying Pan Park in Herndon, VA. But not before enduring a … Read entire article »

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Thanksgiving Craft – what else but… a turkey!

Call me sentimental, but this craft represents one of my favorite holiday decorations that Colton has brought home from school. Unfortunately, his is now old and faded, so he and I decided to recreate it! Let’s be honest. If we’re taking on this project, how hard can it be? It’s really a great craft for kids – and requires a relatively short list of supplies.  Chances are,  you already have everything you need on hand. What you’ll need: One paper grocery bag One small paper bag Old newspaper for stuffing bags Duct tape or other wide tape Glue (whatever you have on hand) Scissors Construction paper in colors of choice Instructions: 1. Begin by stuffing the large (body) and small (head) grocery bags with wadded up newspaper. You can gather the bag as you stuff to get a feel of how … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: Fast and Festive Fall Centerpiece

I needed a break from writing yesterday, but still felt the need to be creative. While I don’t really do much in the line of decorating for Halloween or Thanksgiving, I do enjoy bringing a touch of fall into the house. Just so you know, this isn’t a Liz Original. I think I ran across the idea at some point last year, when Coffee Break brought you the Craftdown to Christmas. And for whatever reason, it came to mind as a perfectly simple yet snazzy idea to try. Frankly, I’m pretty pleased. I think you will be, too! So here’s how you make this centerpiece: What you’ll need: A pumpkin or gourd Fresh or artificial fall flowers About 15 minutes How to do it: Cut the top off the pumpkin, as if you were making a jack-0-lantern, … Read entire article »

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We’re on vacation!!

That’s right, readers. After almost three years of posting to Coffee Break with Liz and Kate, we’ve decided to take a well-deserved hiatus so we can come back fresher and more exciting than we already are (please control the laughter from the peanut gallery). In the meantime, enjoy our fantastic quick and easy recipes, craft ideas and posts on life in general. Just search our categories or archives (over on the right)  and the world will be your oyster! Thank-you for your loyalty over these past few years. Don’t worry, we’ll be back soon!   Enjoy your Coffee Break (with Liz and Kate, of course) … Read entire article »

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The Coupon Queen – Liz’s rave

No matter where I live, there’s always one drawer that’s devoted to the coupons. I’ll note one exception: that was when I decided I was done with coupons and would never clip another one. What, you may be asking, could possibly send me so far over the edge that saving money seemed more trouble than it was worth? Enter exhibit A. The coupon drawer. (You know you have one, too. Admit it. It will make you feel better.) Oh, sure, I’ve tried those little pouches with a slot for all the dairy and all the frozen and all the meats and all the beverages. But the fact of the matter is, I still had no clue what coupons I possessed. Just because all dairy was in one slot, that cute little coupon … Read entire article »

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Pomegranate Sherbet – Kate’s Recipe of the Week

Nothing says summer like a delicious bowl of  homemade ice cream. At our house we usually stick with strawberry or some variation of vanilla with a mix-in. Last week we decided to be adventurous and lighten things up with Pomegranate  Sherbet. It was super delicious and super easy. Ingredients: (makes 6 cups) 3 cups pomegranate juice (I used Old Orchard Pomegranate Cherry) pinch salt 1 cup heavy cream juice of 2 limes Directions: Mix pomegranate juice, cream, salt, and lime juice. Freeze in an ice cream maker according to your manufactures instructions. When your ice maker shuts off the sherbert will soft and fluffy and not quite frozen. Just put it in the freezer to firm completely. That’s it! Easy peasy pomegranate freezy. ~Kate Enjoy your yummy treat!   Related articles Reader Recipe: Mango Mint Sorbet ( Pomegranates ( Pineapple Coconut Milk Ice Cream … Read entire article »

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If the shoe fits – Liz’s rant

If you’re house is anything like mine, back to school means a new pair of shoes. It’s tradition, I guess. Fresh start to the school year, fresh shoes to walk into the new classroom. Something like that, anyway. Suffice to say, someone in our house got a new pair of shoes, yesterday. Hint: It wasn’t me. Now, while I know there’s nothing out of the ordinary about new shoes, I do find my child’s reaction something of an anomaly. I guess the story goes back to Christmas, when Santa brought Colton a pair of shoes. (That Santa is just full of exciting surprises, isn’t he?!?) Anywho. Colton fell in love with them. Why? That’s anyone’s guess. Let’s just say when we set out to get shoes, his quest was simple: … Read entire article »

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Thank heavens for little gray rainclouds – Kate’s Escapades

Middle of nowhere. Cracked radiator. 115 degrees. No cell service. Stupid dumb auto protection service that is not smarter than their stupid dumb computer program. Stupid. Dumb. Oh man, I really need a vacation from my vacation. More precisely, a vacation after my vacation. I should probably tell you that I spend nine looong months of the year impatiently waiting for the warm, delicious, relaxing, rejuvenating  too short three months of summer. No homework for the kids (or the mom, come on ladies, you know exactly what I mean), no strict bedtimes, the water park just calling our names, beckoning us to frolic and play. Without going on too much of a whining streak, let me just say that this was the summer that wasn’t, which quickly turned into the vacation that … Read entire article »

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Back to school – Liz’s rant

We’re at T-minus 3 days until the first day of school in our neck of the woods. Which means it’s time once again, to review the dreaded school supply list. Time to start going to bed a little earlier, maybe do a little last-minute studying, time to wish we’d done more over the summer break. Sigh… Time to ask probing questions, like: Are Ticonderoga really the best pencils? (Turns out that  yes, they are. And much to my child’s chagrin, mechanical pencils are still off-limits.) Does our county actually have a large enough stock to supply each child with one large bottle of hand sanitizer? Will this be the year we discover whether or not demerits are issued if we buy a 48-count box of crayons instead of the 96-count box? Is the request … Read entire article »

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Kate’s Recipe of the week – Easy Cinnamon Roll French Toast

Kate’s Recipe of the week – Easy Cinnamon Roll French Toast

This week’s recipe is inspired by my daughter’s favorite IHOP breakfast, Cinnamon Roll French Toast. I figured there must be some easy and yummy way to duplicate it and voila…here it is! Easy Cinnamon Roll French Toast Ingredients: 1 tube jumbo size cinnamon rolls (Bake according to package directions – don’t frost) 3 large eggs 2 Tbsp milk 1 Tbsp vanilla extract 1/2 tsp cinnamon Directions: Slice baked and cooled cinnamon rolls in half lengthwise; set aside. Crack eggs … Read entire article »

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