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Here we are only a few weeks into the summer break, and already the kiddos are wandering aimlessly through the house feeling restless and bored.

This simple and inexpensive idea is sure to keep the kids, or grandkids, busy for at least long enough so you can whip up a delicious treat, catch up on a DVRed episode of your favorite reality show, or maybe flip through that Entertainment Weekly that’s calling your name.

Homemade Bubbles

  • 4 cups Water
  • 1 cup grease cutting dish Soap – (Palmolive, Ajax, Joy, Dawn…)
  • 1/4 cup Light Corn Syrup (this takes the place of glycerine, which you probably don’t have)
  • container – plastic tub, gallon jug

Just mix all the ingredients together and store in container.

Now that you’ve got the bubbles made, what do you do with them?

*How about some pipe cleaner bubble wands? You can just make a simple circle, or if you’re feeling creative, use some cookie cutters to mold the pipe cleaners into fun shapes.

*Something that also works great for bubble blowing is a NEW cheap-o dollar store fly swatter. You’ll get tons of tiny bubbles.

* Or how about this clever idea…Water Bottle Bubble Blower (from HowDoesShe?.com)

Want to know more about bubbles than anyone should ever really know? Check out this site…

The Bubble Blowers Museum



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