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can t write essaysIs there anything quite as fulfilling as controversy to kick off the week? I think not. So let’s just skip right over the pleasantries and get right to it, shall we?

Yesterday afternoon, while browsing the weekend’s tweets, I came across a new product, brought to my attention by Cool Mom Picks. The product? Breast Milk Baby. That’s right. Forget the days of the little plastic bottle with the milk that magically disappears. This baby doll doesn’t drink from a bottle. Oh, no. It’s a pseudo-breast-fed baby. Now, your little girls (or boys, I suppose) can don a halter with fake breast-o-flowers, pull the doll close,  watch the doll’s mouth move and listen to the sounds of a nursing baby.

Before we move on, let me be clear (cough). I’m all for breast-feeding for any woman who chooses to breast feed. I was one of them. And after reading CMP’s post, I probably could’ve let it go with a slight chuckle and a roll of my eyes. But oh, no. I had to click on the link and see the product’s website for myself.

According to the maker, “the whole purpose of The Breast Milk Baby is to teach children the nurturing skills they’ll need to raise their own healthy babies in the future.”

Wow. How have the children of the world survived for all these thousands of years? Talk about your miracles…

Anywho, the more I read about this doll and the zillions of comments it provoked on every website that covered it, the more I saw that the discussion was geared less toward the doll itself – at least for those who supported such a doll –  and more toward  anyone who dared to say that the doll was, quite frankly, in no way appropriate for a child. Anyone with the audacity to speak out against the doll was automatically thrown in the “anti-breast-feeding” category, cast aside as a big uninformed boob (pun intended) – a sorry drag on what many of the doll lovers would consider an otherwise “enlightened” society. Hate the doll, hate all breast-feeding mothers. Don’t you just love the logic? (sarcasm intented). ran a story on the doll and posted a poll, as well. Like many polls, it’s skewed before anyone can answer. The question posed was simple: Would you buy a nursing doll for your daughter?

Harmless enough, right? Take a look at the three options and how 14,345 people voted:

  • No. That’s just gross.                                                        70 percent
  • Maybe. it would depend on how old she was.        15 percent
  • Yes. There’s nothing wrong with breast-feeding.  15 percent (emphasis mine)

From that, one could deduce that 70 percent of those polled do not approve of breast-feeding, but how accurate would that be? Not very, if you ask me.

So let’s try to make sense of this whole thing with a question that couldn’t be more straight forward if it tried: Would you buy the doll? Why or why not? Leave a comment below. Don’t let me down. I’m just sayin.



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