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I’m not sure how this happened, but apparently there’s a cool new shopping trend out here in Utah (and 14 other states) that seems to be all the rage, and I knew nothing about it!


Not one thing!


Thanks a lot, guys. I thought you were supposed to be taking care of me, you know, keeping me in the loop of all amazing new trends and finds.

This cool new thing is called Bountiful Baskets . It’s a food co-op which uses it’s collective purchasing power to get fresh fruits and vegetables (and other assorted yummies) at great low prices, with the discounts being passed on to the co-op members (me…and soon hopefully you, too).

I tried it out for my very first time this past Saturday morning in front of the Spanish Fork Wiggy Wash. It took me a whole 6 minutes to get my goodies, from the time I parked until the time I had my car loaded up and was headed back home.

My cost at Bountiful Baskets for all of this fresh produce was $15. Just for fun I went to my local grocery store to do a little price comparison. My total cost at the store would have been a little under $30, so basically I got my food for about half price.

I will admit I was a little leery before my visit because the whole food co-op thing seems a little like…oh, I don’t know…like a hippie food cult.  It was not a hippie food cult. It was awesome! All of the fruits and vegetables were fresh and crisp, the price was good, and I was in and out of there quick as a flash. Also, this is either a plus or a minus depending on  your personality type, you never know exactly what you’ll be getting because every week the baskets will contain different produce based on what’s available.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Go to the Bountiful Baskets website and see if it’s offered in your area  – LOCATIONS
  2. Read about how it works to see if you are interested - INFORMATION
  3. Register by filling out a simple quick FREE registration form – REGISTRATION
  4. Log in on every Monday to place and pay for your order online – LOGIN
  5. Show up at the assigned time on the assigned day and pick up your order.
  6. When you get there all you have to do is tell them your name and have your own baskets to transfer the food into.
  7. Enjoy your bounty.

The cost to participate is $15 per basket, plus $1.50 processing fee, (and there is a $3 fee the FIRST time that you order.)   There are also lots of extra products that are available according to availability. (This week when I placed my order they were also offering some 4th of July Cookie Packs, cases of peaches and apples, loaves of bread, and  a make your own chips and dips pack.)

This is the 7:30 am line up of cars in front of the Bountiful Basket pick up at Wiggy Wash on Saturday.

Bountiful Baskets is run completely by volunteers. These ladies were very organized, friendly and helpful, especially when I told them this was my first visit.

The fruits and veggies were already separated into baskets and ready to be transferred to my own baskets.

Along with my regular basket, I also ordered a Mexican Pack for $7.50. I can’t honestly name all of the kinds of peppers, but there were a bunch, along with cilantro, two kinds of onions, garlic, limes, tomatillos and some squash.

I made a huge bowl of fresh salsa and still had lots of veggies left over.

I also bought a box of mangos for $4.75. They were delicious and would have cost about $12 at the store.


You can check out Bountiful Baskets on Facebook.

Have you tried out Bountiful Baskets? What did you think? Do share.




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