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paper writing service collegeAre any of you fans of QVC? (I know one reader who is… and you know who you are…) I am a huge fan. I especially like David Venable. He’s sort of like a big loveable Teddy bear – you can’t help but like him. At least I can’t. Anyway, I follow him on Twitter and have his app on my cell phone.

Which is where his recipe comes in. The app features a list of his “app-only” recipes – many of which I’ve written down, hoping I’ll get around to fixing them. Last night, I was searching for something simple, relatively low in carbs and extremely high in taste.

Enter his recipe for Oven Baked Boneless Chicken Tenders. I’m telling you it was OFF THE CHARTS GREAT! (Actually they tasted just like the best hot wings I’ve ever had at a restaurant.)

The chicken part wasn’t that difficult. But for our purposes of simplicity, buy a bag of your favorite chicken tenders or nuggets and bake according to package directions. How easy is that?

Here’s the ultra-surprising simple sauce (at least I was surprised):

Heat a 1/4 cup butter with 1/2 cup hot sauce. (I used Franks). Yes, it was that easy. I was in chef’s heaven, I tell ya. Stir or whisk often while chicken bakes.

The other interesting twist David added was shaved celery. When the chicken is cooked through, place it in a bowl with the celery, pour over the hot sauce and toss well to coat. Personally, I like the celery to have  hot sauce on it, too. So this worked out great for me (ok, I didn’t shave the celery, I just cut it into thin sticks).

At this point, you’re ready to eat! Just serve with your favorite dressing. David, you out-did yourself with this one. Not only is it a keeper, it’s already a family favorite.


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